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Howling the Song of Autumn

By: Writing Warrior

Page 1, Cody, a young wolf pup, is ready to howl for the very first time. His mother decides he will howl during his very favorite season; autumn. Follow Cody as he prepares to howl the song of autumn.

A soft orange colored lea rocked gently with the wind. After clinging on to its tree for so long, the little leaf finally gave up. It slowly make its way to the frosty ground. The moment its pointy stem touched the frost covered ground, the peace of the falling leaves vanished.

“Die, leaf! Die!” A small white paw swiftly batted the leaf back into the air. A small wolf pup with fluffy, misty gray fur and little white paws exploded through a large pile of leaves. Lowering his body to the ground, the pup wiggled his behind, staring at the leaf as it once again rocked to the ground. His bright green eyes were glued on the one leaf. Suddenly, the pup leaped into the air, placing his paws above the leaf. As both the wolf and the leaf hit the ground, another wolf appeared.

She was much older than the puppy, but she shared the same misty gray colored fur. Her gaze moved towards the little pup.

“Cody,” she called out softly. The pup suddenly shot up, his ears pricked. He trotted away from his battle with the little leaf. “Cody, stop fooling around! We've got work to do,” the older wolf scolded, lowering her muzzle to the pup's head. The pup, who was known as Cody, wiggled away before she could give his a large, slobbery lick.

“What are we doing, mother?” Cody asked, jumping to his mother's side as she began to walk away.

“Cody, it's time for you to howl with the other wolves for the first time.” Cody's mother said softly, her eyes lighting up proudly.

“But I want to play with the leaves,” Cody complained, batting a large brown leaf with his paw. Cody's mother rolled her eyes and sighed.

“Cody, howling with the other wolves is very important. You let the other wolves know who you are,” she explained. A thoughtful look formed on Cody's face.

“Mother? Why am I howling with the other wolves now? I want to play in the leaves! Can't I howl another time?” Cody batted another leaf, his eyes full of mischief.

“Because,” Cody's mother said, moving her head towards her son, “We always howl when the moon is at its fullest. Today would be a perfect night. Besides, the night a wolf first howls is very special.” She silently chucked as Cody jumped in a large pile of bright leaves. The leaves scattered all around him. Cody's mother continued. “I thought during autumn would be very special for you.”

“I love autumn.” Cody barked, rolling on his back. He stood up and attempted to shake off the leaves that stuck to his pelt. His attempt had failed, but he didn't seem to mind. After a long while of silence, the two wolves finally stopped walking. The sun was now setting, slowly disappearing into the land. They waited patiently in silence. Finally, the flaming orange sun had disappeared, and the dazzling creamy moon rose high into the inky night sky.

“It's time,” Cody's mother muttered quietly. She lifted his muzzle into the air, and formed a perfect circle with her mouth. She began to howl loudly to a beautiful tune. More and more howls joined hers, responding to her calls. Cody stared at his mother for a moment, studying her face. Cody puffed out his chest and lifted his silver muzzle as high into the air as he could. He moved his lips into a crooked circle.

Taking a deep breath, Cody began to howl. Though his howl wasn't as smooth as his mothers, Cody's howl was still beautiful. Cody closed his eyes, and began to howl the song of autumn.

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