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By: Writing Warrior

Page 1, A young house pet dog goes out into the forest. His goal is to ease his owners worries. A story I wrote with the topic being \"Worry\". I think it is a very enjoyable story for people of all ages.

I slowly took one step further into the silent woods. My breathing started to become shallow as I forced myself to take another small step. My chocolate brown fur puffed up, making me look slightly bigger than I really was. The trees were tall, each holding a large, bushy cluster of branches and leaves at there tops. Each blade of grass poked at my paws. I moved further into the unfamiliar territory. My paws clumsily stirred the sticks and stones. I tried very hard to step silently, fearful that I would attract predators.

Suddenly, a large green bush began to shake. At first, I was sure it was just the wind. But each second the bush started to shake more and more violently. I jumped back. A thin line of fur stood up along my bumpy spine. Then, to my horror, something jumped out of the bush. Before I could get a good look at the creature, it disappeared in the opposite direction, to my relief. I let my shoulder relax, though my eyes scanned the forest for any sign of danger. I slightly opened my mouth, tasting the crisp forest air. I sighed, lowering my head in shame. It was just a rabbit!

“Coco? Coco!” I heard a sweetly familiar voice call my name. I turned around, and trotted confidently in the direction of the voice. I erupted out from the forest towards a large white house. The grass was now level, and there was no trees getting in the way. The scents that now filled my nostrils were very familiar. Nearby stood a tall, beautiful human. Her ocean blue eyes showed a glint of worry, until her gaze moved towards me.

“Coco,” she yelped happily, crouching down onto the ground and spreading out her pale arms. I threw my body in between her arms, and slid my slimy pink tongue across her face. “Oh, Coco! I was so worried,” she whimpered softly, gently patting my head.

“No, it's okay Mom! We don't need to worry anymore,” I barked in between licks, “I patrolled the whole area! There's nothing to worry about, except a couple of rabbits!” I pulled my tongue back into my mouth, waiting patiently for my Mom to respond.

“Shh...Coco, quiet. You don't want to bother the neighbors!” I ignored her angry tone, and continued to bark. She's not even listening to me! I thought.

“Mom! Listen to me! We're safe,” I growled, now getting very frustrated.

“Come on, Coco!” Mom growled, wrapping her fingers around my dull pink collar. She pulled me towards the glass door of my home. She then stopped in front of the door, and began scolding me.

“No more getting into the forest!” She sighed, and gently patted my head. I looked up into her beautiful eyes, forcing myself not to jump up and lick her face again. “Sometimes I worry about you, Coco.” I stared up at her, a confused look formed across my face. My wagging tail stopped, and I slightly tilted my head.

“But Mom, didn't you hear me?” I roughly licked he tight blue jeans to get her attention. “We don't have to worry anymore!”

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