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Kickin it : Kim and Jack

Short story By: xMissJUSTINBIEBERLOVERx3

Tags: Kickin, It, Jack, Kim, Disney, Xd, Fan, Fic, .

Kim and Jack are bestfriends . But what happens when there is a new girl who goes to the dojo? will things ever be the same ?

Submitted:Jul 23, 2011    Reads: 4,603    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

Kims Pov

So Rudy told us there will be a new kid in the dojo , he said that its a girl , the boys were really excited . They were cheering , and I was just standing there "Pretending " to be happy . It was pretty cool to be the only girl in the dojo ,but I just have to accept the fact that there will be a new girl here . Rudy Came out " hey guys as soon as the new girl walks in - he was cut off by jerry " Rudy ? where is the new girl , we are dying to meet her" But to be honest I wasnt dying to meet her . Rudy said " just be patient , she will be here soon " Then a dark hair with waves came in , she was pretty i have to admit . ( this is how she looks like : http://www.polyvore.com/sophiie_love/thing?id=25953165 )

No ones Pov

All jack can say is "WHOA" , Rudy started speaking but the boys didnt even pay attention to him , only kim was listening , all the boys can do is just stare at the new gir .

Rudy " Guys ? hello ? " the boys snapped out of it . Jerry "whoat did you say rudy?" Rudy was a litle upset " I said , you guys need to focus ....and by the way the new girls name is sophie . Sophie said " nice to meet you guys " Eddie" we are very ..nice..to meet you " Sophie just giggles . Rudy " okaay guys bak to practice " They practiced all there moves and now Rudy Paired them up . Rudy said " Jerry and Eddie , Milton and Kim and Sophie and Jack "

Kims Pov

When i found out that I was paired up with milton , I was SHOCKED . I was always paired up with jack cause he was my bestfriends , the guys were my best friends but me and jack were the closest . But jack really didnt care that his partner is now sophie . So me and Milton sparred a little , I went easy on him cause I didnt want to hurt him too bad . But then I saw jack and sophie just fooling around and laughing . then I got a little mad , so then I ended blocking all shots from Milton and then he said " kim take it easy " Rudy said " okay thats about enough practice today " After that I went to the bathroom into the stall I just changed into this black skinnies and off the shoulder top and converse ) then I heard the door open I peeked through the stall door and it was sophie she went to another stall and I gues she was changing . I put my uniform back inside my gym bag and then I went outside of the stall and go to the sink to wash my hands cause it felt gross to be in the stall . Then Sophie came out into some short shorts , Converse and a tube top , to be honest she showed a lot of skin . Then she speaked " SO your kim" I said " Yeah Im kim" Sophie " Your Close to jack I hear " I said "where did you hear that ? and Yeah I am " She said " The boys told me , but the thing is .." I said " what ?" She said " Stay away from jack , and I wont hurt you . I was shocked of what she said , cause she actually looked innoncent , but I was wrong "hurt me ?" She said " I wil make your life a living hell , if you are near jack , lets just say your so called friends wont be your friends " I didnt say anything cause I wanted to tell jack but he might not believe me even though im his best friends . I grabbed my bag and went outside and I saw the boys they asked where is sophie ? : I was gunna say something but she came out and said " im right here " the boys just stared . She went by jack and the guys anfd they kept talking and laughing and I was just left out and as soon they left the dojo without me . Its sees like they replaced me and I was just sad and just looked down and Rudy came out of his office and saw me ." kim are you okay ?" I looked up and smiled but I faked smiled cause I didnt want rudy to know cause he might just laugh and tel me let it go " im good , im just gunna go home " Rudy said " okay , see you tomorrow " Kim " yeah I guess I will see you then ,bye rudy " I left and just walked home , replaying what sophie said to me . She is sucha a witch . Why am I the only girl who notice that ? Ugh , caue the boys are to blind to see that . My mom asked me how was my day , but I ignored her and just went straight to my room . I threw my stuff on the floor and just lay down on my bed , then I turned and saw the pictures of me and the guys . then I looked at the next frame It was me and jack he was hugging me from the back . Then I tried calling all the boys but they didnt answer . I threw my phone against the wall . Its seem like I lost my bestfriend . I sighed .


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