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You Hurt Me But I'll Always Love You

Short story By: xnbdyknwsx

For: XxEmoHeartxX's Playlist Contest
Number 6: Evanescence - My Immortal
Summary: Skye’s husband Vic had always be kind and caring in his words and actions. When the situation changes everything becomes highly frustration and flips Skye’s world upside down. It is sad that all your love in all of your heart can hurt more than the loss of someone special.

Submitted:Aug 2, 2010    Reads: 779    Comments: 11    Likes: 2   

*(One Year Ago)*

"Don't worry Vic, we'll figure something out." Skye assured her husband Vic as she took a seat on the bed next to him. As a tear slid down his cheek she leaned toward him, wiped the tear, and then gave him a kiss.

"Thank you baby. Thank you for always standing by me." Vic leaned so he could kiss her gently. Vic and Skye smiled at each other and then got into bed together. He put his arm around her and they intertwined their fingers.

*(Ten Months Ago)*

"Babe! Grab me a beer on your way out of the kitchen I already finished this bottle." Vic yelled while he was slumped on the sofa drunk as hell.

"Hun, I don't think that's a good idea you've already had two." Skye replied in a calm, loving tone. Vic got up then walked into the kitchen. Sky went in front of the fridge to try to keep the beer away from him. The day before he drank too much and he got a bad hangover.

"Get out of the way Skye." He said trying to move her.

"No Vic, your going to get a hang over again." Vic looked up to the ceiling then looked directly in her eyes to let her know he was serious "No, you don't need anymore."

"SKYE GET OUT OF MY WAY!" He hollered. Skye was surprised at the way he was talking to her, mainly because this was the first time he had ever even come close to shouting at her. While she stood there looking at him Vic grabbed Skye by her thin arm and yanked her out of the way and being the klutz she was she tripped and fell to the floor.

"Ouch!" She yelped. Vic looked at her arm.

"You'll be fine. You're acting like I abuse you. I have an idea." Vic pulled her up and then threw her over his shoulder. "C'mon sexy Skye show me what I've been dying for all day." He dropped Skye onto the bed and began to kiss her all over. Skye smelt the alcohol scent being released by his mouth.

"Vic, stop." Skye said as she tried to get up. "You're drunk." When Vic didn't stop she got nervous because he was much stronger than she was and began to think Vic could actually hurt her, nothing would stop him.

"Baby I've been wanting you all day." Skye struggled to get free. "Don't do that!" He shouted as he slapped her and began to strangle her. Paralyzed in fear, she figured it would be best if she just stayed still while he did what he wanted.

Once they were done Vic pulled her on top of him and said, "That was fun," He smiled at her. "but I think that there's people who can do better." He winked at Skye and she thought it was his way of saying try harder next time, but that's not what he meant at all. "If you tell anyone about what happened tonight I will leave you and you'll never see me again. You don't want that do you?" Skye shook her head as a few tears slipped. "Don't cry you baby. Stop being such a wimp. Maybe the next time will be better.

That night Vic held her while he talked about how he felt useless and other things that happened after he lost his job at the firm. He cried a bit and Skye wiped his tears and told him how much she loved him, how she would support him. She said she would get used to the new life ahead of them and more importantly and she wouldn't ever leave him.

*(Eight Months Ago)*

"Hey Vic I'm home!" Skye yelled as she walked through the door. She put the groceries and her bag in the table. When she didn't hear an answer she looked around and found Vic asleep in their bed with another women that was naked sleeping. Skye screamed and then turned to run out the door. Vic heard her and popped out of bed to stop her after telling the other woman to leave that he would call her later. "How could you? I have been with you for you through the thick and thin, through the best and the worst! You've hurt me so much!"

"Shut up! You're selfish and you're too needy." She couldn't stop crying. Vic stormed up to her and started to hit her harder and harder. With each cry of pain she got a blow to her face, stomach, or arms. When he finally stopped he got up and got another beer. When he got back he stood over her. "I hope you bought more beer at the super market cause this is the last one." Vic stood looking down at her then did yet another heartless move. "You better not tell anyone. Not one soul. I'm pretty sure you don't wanna be alone again." She shook her head and then he laughed at her. She was humiliated and scared all at once.

Just like every other night they talked and he apologized. She Held him and wiped his tears and told him there was no reason to be scared, that she would always be there for him.

*(Six Months Ago)*

"Vic, how are you today?" The counselor asked for the fifth time.

"I'm fine." Vic replied quickly because he was agitated. "I don't understand why I need to be here." . Skye's parents had heard one of their arguments about a month ago and wouldn't stop pushing them to go until they at least paid a visit. He looked over to his wife Skye with anger in his eyes. She knew that she was in for it once Vic got home. She also knew he wouldn't go straight home from the bar after drinking with the boys, not a chance. After the session was over they left the building and drove off in different cars. The rest is a the same as the days before,

*( Four Months Ago)*

"I'm leaving Vic. I'm tired of being beaten every time you feel mad or need to release anger." Sky said sternly as she walked to the door with a cab waiting in front of the building.

"I will not let you leave me. I will find you when you leave. I will always have control over you." He walked up to her quickly and grabbed her wrists. Skye tried to run away just when Vic pulled out a gun. She locked herself in the bed room. "I'm done! Look what I have done to you you're hiding from me in our bedroom. You're terrified." It sounded like her was crying. "I'm sorry." When Sky heard silence the door creaked open. Vic was on the floor and Shouted I'm sorry just before he put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger.


Dear Vic,

The past year has been very difficult this past year and nothings gotten better since you died. I wished you would've just left me instead of threatening that you would every time I did something wrong or you wanted something I could couldn't give. You may be out of my life and my cuts and bones are healing but there's something inside of me that will never forget you. I still feel like you're wandering the house as crazy as it may sound. Why did you have to kill yourself. I stood with you through everything. I helped you face fears and wiped your tears whenever you need me to but now you've, left me. Its been about four months and you still own all of my heart, I cant let go. My therapist said it would be a good idea to write you a letter and say everything I would want to say if you were still alive. Your suicide has left me unable to cope and I don't think any amount of time could heal the wounds inside. I love you even though you hurt me.


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