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The Drag Queen's Apprentice

Short story By: xthepaleshadowx

Marin is at a PRIDE festival in Oregon when he first spots his future teacher and boyfriend. Shanquil is at PRIDE to show off his exuberant love for the LGBTQ community. When he sees Marin, he knows it's love at first sight. They start talking and things bloom from there.

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The sun burns my back as I walk through one of Downtown's many parks. I can see the rainbow balloon arch/entrance already. The buzz of being with my own kind is starting to work on my stressed nerves. I'm starting to relax. A soft smile perks my lips.

It takes me a few minutes to reach the entrance to the PRIDE festival. When I get there, a man greets me. He's the ticket collecter. I go on my way, letting my feet take me wherever they please. Many gay, lesbian, and trans couples are here today. I see a few drag queens here and there, but not as often. Many emo kids have collected around the stage/performing area. A cover band is playing 'I Kissed A Girl' by Katy Perry. I chuckle a bit at this. Typical. I stride past beautiful art stands and alcoholic beverage stands. People lay on the grass, sun bathing, reading, smooching, and laughing. The whole autmesphere of today is making my heart soar. I feel like flying around the world, spreading the easy love and joy.


I greet the ticket man with a wink as I stride through the entrance to PRIDE. He flashes me a grin. I've been coming to PRIDE for years. The people know me. I head straight to the performing stage, where many hot emo boys are dancing to Katy Perry's, 'I Kissed A Girl'. I join in with them enthusiastically, making a few people laugh in the process. My dyed, sky blue hair covers my eyes as I jump around like some excited girl at a Miley Cyrus perfomance.

I'm taking a break from dancing when I spot him for the first time. He sort of blends in with the rest of the gay guys standing around the stage. But he has a unique sparkle in his eyes that immediatly draws my face towards him. He too has dyed hair. His hair is a hot bubblegum pink. His eyes are shining grayish-blue, slightly crinkled on the sides from grinning a ton. My eyes travel down to his chest, which is well built and covered in a black band T. He has frayed blue Levi's on that really make him look drool worthy. I know he's going to notice me checking him out soon. Oh my GOD! I think I totally have a crush on a stranger!


I head back to the stage area. Katy Perry's song is still playing. I sway along with the other gay guys around me. Everything is very peaceful. Some emo boys are hooting, so I look up. That's when I notice the drag queen. He's the one the emo boys were hooting at. He keeps jumping up and down, inpersonating Katy Perry, and twirling about. And boy, is he hot! With sparkling sky blue hair that's all the way down to his back and dark brown eyes, he's unavoidable. I'd be surprised if anyone could look away from this dancing drag queen. Then I realize I'm staring. And he's staring back. I feel myself going hot in the face and looking away. But not before I catch him giving me a heart-stopping, mind whirling grin. I feel my heart melt into a puddle. This is going to be an even better day at the festival than I thought....


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