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why i veil myself

Short story By: XtreMe me

why do muslim girls wear parda? why do we cover ourselves?

Submitted:Aug 29, 2010    Reads: 106    Comments: 21    Likes: 4   

Beneth my veil,
Lies a normal girl.
I'm a teen,
The kind that understands my value.
The kind that protects myself.
Beneth my veil lays a greater being.
I don't need to lo0k good for old men on the street.
I don't need dudes to whistle and fall at my feet.
I have simple respect.
To you I may lo0k dull hidden under black.
I may seem weird, look emo or be an outcast.
While some might think I'm oppressed.
Let me tell YOU,lo0ks can be deceiving!
I'm independent,free and certainly not oppressed.
I am who I want to be, what I want to be.
Some pretend not to see me,
or just glance past me.
Inside I want to laugh as I see you hold your handbag a little tighter.
Do you think I'm not human?
However sometimes I get that extra bit of attention…
Guys past by and whisper "ninja!" C'mon don't they have the guts to say it aloud? Are they that scared of me? afraid I'll blow them up with a hidden weapon?
Ninja,huh? If only they know that I could really take them flat down in mere seconds.
For the fun of it I could execute a perfect karate Jordan mwashi geri (head level round house kick) .
Or I could tell you straight out "darn right I'm a ninja" so whatcha gonna do,challenge me? ?
They are to0 chicken to come up to me like a human and politely enquire to why I cover myself.
Why do they act like they'r superior and arrogantly whisper ninja?
If I answer the just get embarresed and walk away (a.k.a run) away. thats really lame they don't have guts.
Would a deep red rose be waving under your nose screaming pick me ,pick me? Duhh not.you'd have to get poked by its thorns protecting it.a woment is meant to be respected.not looked at for pleasure as an object. As a precious pearl is formed over time and care. The oyster shell protecting it by staying closed to the world and hidden from the public.
Money,gold,Jewels -valueable.it has worth. nobody flashes it around and throws it around.diamonds found were? Deep under ground.the women of today have lost their value.they don't know the true meaning of oppressed! Aren't they the slaves of fashion? Arnt't teenage girls crazed up about anorexia.arnt they worried about dieting? Not satisfied with their beautiful selves?
By simply covering myself from strangers ,I am showing respect for myself and for my body.i don't need anybodies opinion . I know exactly who I am. A pretty,a gorgeus,a beutifull,a smart,intellectual,unique teenager.most importantly im free. I dnt need people telling me otherwise!
I'm in parda and luving it!


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