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Girl Troubles

Short story By: xxcatxx

Tags: Girl, Drama, Non, Fiction

A true life story from a girl's world.

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You could feel the hostility in the air, a big fog thick full of snickering, sour girls. The tension around us was heavy, like a 100 pound weight pushing down on your chest.

"She told Mrs. Lock that she wanted to REPLACE me!" Marissa scorned as she glared over to the girl. All the other girls flocked around her, pretending to be annoyed and concerned along with her. They all whispered and sneered her direction.

"Oh my God! How could she!"

"Marissa, you are TOTALLY a better singer than her!"

"Her voice is so deep! Like a man's!" Everyone laughed among the group, catching glimpses over their shoulders towards the girl. The poor girl, totally unaware of her anti-fan club, stood messing with her short, black hair to make sure it looked its best for this huge moment. She smiled to her other friends across the room who waved encouragingly back towards her.

"Go Margaret!" They yelled to her. She blushed uncontrollably, twirling her hair as she stared at the ground for a second before smiling back at their glowing faces.

"Ew! Look at her!" Marissa sneered to her cluster of girls. They all nodded in unison, having their own little "who can suck up more to Marissa Riley the most" contest. Every single one of them was too afraid to stand up for the girl or even speak their minds on the issue. They just went along with the plan, to insecure or afraid to break code.

"Let's all take a seat!" Dr. Harris exclaimed over the commotion. The shuffling of feet and hushed whispers echoed in the room as everyone dropped to the floor, making sure they were well in near the center of their groups. In girl world at T.S.D.C.H. School, there were three groups: the "weird" group, the "cool" group and the Trio. The weird group, in which Margaret had settled into, was full of the "uncool" girls according to Marissa Riley, the queen bee at school but was surprisingly, unliked. These girls loved art, playing in the woods, and video games. They were happy with themselves, totally fine not being considered high on the cool scale. I had been one of them. But times had changed. I had grown up.

The cool group was the group of the majority of the girls who weren't different. We were normal. Our personalities ranged from kind vs. bitch, beautiful vs. cute, smart vs. dumb, and more traits to come. We were the most liked out of the girls in the grade, which did help with the whole guy situation. This group was "my group" of people who I did everything with and did everything with me. I had settled in nicely after my whole bullying situation a few years back.

The Trio is a whole different story. They're the typical mean girls that every school has. One queen bee with her two little followers. They can be generally nice when separated but put together, they're a ticking time bomb looking for their next girl to strike. Each year, they add a "new addition" to their exclusive group, yet that girl never makes it long in their group before they're bullied out. Marissa Riley rules the group as the ultimate queen bee. Alex Farrington and Ally Larson were her little sidekicks. They weren't liked at all yet everyone acted like they were best friends with them. It made me sick.

We had all gathered for Sanctuary, a time when we sang songs to God before students taught us a part of the Bible. This was a time if holiness and goodness, and Marissa had to make drama. All because she didn't get to sing that day.


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