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A Bloody Ending

Short story By: xXloriettaXx

Miss GC's Callenge

Submitted:Apr 14, 2010    Reads: 57    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Hello, my name is Amanda, I am a vampire, though I wasn't always, once not all that long ago, I was a human just like you. I live in Los Angles now, among the humans, pretending to be just like them, always keeping my hunger under control. I was once again sitting at home watching television, living the mundane life of a human, begging for something interesting to happen, the routine ways of my life was beginning to really get to me. Then, all of a sudden, an urgent news flash appeared at the top of the screen. It was a warning that the Apocalypse was starting. I might be an immortal, but when the world ends in fire like all the ancient predictions had told, my life will end along with everyone else's. A thought came into my mind suddenly. Since I am a vampire, shouldn't I be doing what a vampire does? Drinking human blood. Because I lived among the humans, I couldn't drink blood... but now since the world was going to end, why not try it. I opened my front door and thousands of people were running around screaming. What idiotic humans! The sky had turned blood red and fires raged everywhere. It wouldn't be long until my immortality came to an end. I decided to enjoy ever second I had left.

I saw a male sitting on the curb. He wasn't freaking out like everyone else, he was just sitting there. I walk over beside him and he looked up at me. He looked to be about my age, 18-ish. He was cute, but not in a puppy kind of way, more a boyish cute, a cute that would one day become breathtakingly handsome. I sat down beside him and gazed upon the chaos. There were minutes of silence- if you could ignore the screaming and smashing that surrounded us- before he spoke. He spoke with a twinge of an accent I didn't recognise as he asked me if I was afraid of death. "No," I answered in honesty. "Me either," he replied. I took the opportunity to ask him something that a normal human being would laugh at. I asked him if he believed in vampires. To my astonishment, he answered "Yeah," and smiled, just a small lift of the side of his mouth, enough for me to notice the small pointed fangs hiding behind his lips.I knew he'd done it deliberately, making sure I'd see."Aren't you afraid?" he asked, continuing our game of twenty questions.I smile at him, making sure that he too would see the fangs I hid."Oh, so you're a vampire too." He stated, his smile growing.
I felt the hunger again, the never-sated hunger for human blood. "Would you like a Red drink?" I asked him, returning his smile. He laughed and got up holding out his hand. I took it and he pulled me up. We walked to the end of the street, avoiding the debris. There was a woman in her mid thirties lying there. My new companion leaned over her body, and listened for a heartbeat.

"She lives, but faintly. Her time is short. She is in pain, I think it would be cruel to leave the poor innocent this way." He said, a slight smile twitching his lips. "Would you like first taste?" he asked.I was nervous, so I shook my head signally to let him drink. I heard behind us running and turned, a little girl stood there, she looked down at us and started screaming. My companion looked up and wiped his mouth. It seemed the whole neighbourhood had run out after the girl and seen what she had. They grabbed their gardening tools and anything sharp and pointy that they could grab and began to chase after us. We ran into the woods hoping to lose them but they continued the chase. We finally stopped at the end of what looked like a precipes, but was really a hole that had cracked open and that lead deep down into the core of the earth. I grabbed his hand and held it tightly. One of the people in the mob hit me across the face and we were pushed into the gaping hole that lead everywhere and nowhere at the same time. As we were falling in, I could tell that this was the end for everyone, not just us. When I awoke there was only white, my vision had been ruined. It took long painful seconds before I was able to make out anything. Finally, I got up and I saw Him. I ran into his arms. I knew were we now dead, not like the un-dead we had been when were among the mortals, but truly dead. I looked up at him and said "I love you... even though I have just met you," I blushed. "I don't know how it happened; I don't even know your name for crying out load; all I know is that I do... I love you.I hadn't expected a response, and was shocked to hear his reply "I love you too…"


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