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Based off another dream.

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I woke up standing in front of the towns grocer and new restaurant I was confused, broke and a bit tipsy Where was Zap? Damn he might have gotten lost. He's supposed to be hopping out here.


I blacked out again, and ended up at the towns new center. I walked around the building. It was pretty plain and boring. Why the hell did I end up here? An old woman working there comes up to me and gives me a watering can with information. I'll figure out something to do with is. Anything free is good when you're broke.

As I'm leaving a woman out side is complaining to the local white washed black cop. She pointed at me and said "I'm new here why didn't I get anything?" he looked over to me an took a chain out of his pocket. He had a new bracelets and earrings on it. She basically cleared him out.

He came up to me after he shoo'd her away. "Did you steal that? You ain't new." He accused me. How fucking rude. "I am new here." I replied. "No you aren't. It says here that you've been with the same doctor for years here." He was examining every single word I said. "That maybe be true, I have lived here all my life but I don't go out much." After some explain to him he understood, and felt bad. He gave me a set of keys and I gave them back.


I blacked out again. This time I wasn't in my body. It was like a dream- but I know it happened before. I'm looking at Zap, he's sitting in his parents apartment His mom opens a bottle of whisky and puts it on the kitchen island for his dad. Zap walks by and takes a swig while they are turned around. His father cooking at the stove.

His mom asks him if he's seen his dads black smokes. He's holding them in his hands at his chest. He's sitting on a cough with his back towards them and facing me. He shoves them in his top, but not well enough to fully hide them. He hides the one hidden in his hand. It's still too obvious when his mom comes over. She pulls them out of his shirt and slaps him.


I wake up in my room, past out on the floor. Everything is white. The room has no color, no items or furniture This is the imagination room. Zap had the ability to change the appearance of things. He asks me what I want and I go ballistic "I want to see the colors of the clouds blood. I want to smell the clouds. I want to feel them. I want everyone's hopes and dreams to turn into butterflies." The room changes colors. It's amazing.

It stays like that for awhile and changes back. He's sitting near the room door way trying to light a cig. I crawled over to him on my hands and knees and light it for him. I sit beside him and put my head on his shoulder and my arm around his right leg. He takes a few drags. The ashes were darker than black. He considers putting the ashes on my arm but puts them in the tray anyways. "I'd let you put it on my arm if it wouldn't give me a nasty burn."

He hands me the cig to finish it up as one of his friends come in and sits across from us. she considers giving him a kiss, he wouldn't resist but she didn't. He asked me how he looks, "Raunchy."


I wake up in a new place, it was abandoned by it's recent owners. No one cares we are in possession of it now. Zap is siting at a computer going through pictures and articles.

I walk into the bathroom and a guy I know was in there. It was like a lab of some sort and I said that I would pay him to clean it up. He agreed and got to work. I went out and closed the door behind me, locking it from the outside.

I walk over to Zap "Haha I told him I'd pay him big for cleaning. I'm not." I said to him. He laughed. I was a manipulator, I manipulated everyone but Zap. He knew that. One of the workers let the guy out and he was like "Look what I found!" He set down a hand full of green leaves on the desk. One of the old worker appears and says "That's weed. It's a bit stale but it's good for chewing." I was like what the hell? No wonder they abandon this place.


I'm sitting in our new room, it has a white desk, a closet and a bed. I'm sitting on the bed and Zap and some chick is sitting under the desk. A guy busts in the room with a gun. He points and shoots me. I'm the only person he can sight. He shot me in the chest. Than in the head. The bullets didn't kill me instantly. I could surviveā€¦ possibly.

He leaves the room, and doesn't come back. The girl fees and Zap crawls to me. "Oh my god. You're bleeding. Tangtang?" He holds me to his chest. I start to feel my arms go limp. His eyes are wet with tears and his make up is smearing. He kisses me. "I don't want to lose you Tangtang."


Everything is white and colorless. I see Zap wearing a white poka dot dress and a sun hat. Even the grass and sky is white. We walk around and start to see a few colors. I find my niece and she tells me that only Christians can wear colors. Zap takes off his hat. His hair used to be red. Now it's colorless. "I've been meaning to grow this out again." He says grabbing his hair. My nephew has a colorful Mohawk and teases zap. Zap holds opens his arms and says "Are you going to rush to me?" and my nephew says "You're Zippy."



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