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Nightmare Come True.

Short story By: XxlulucrossxX

GOOD NEWS FOLKS!!!! I'VE GOTTEN OVER MY WRITER'S BLOCK!!!! AWESOME!!!! WHOO-HOOOO!!!! To mark the occasion, I've decided to quickly type up a short story! :D :D :D I was SO excited, I typed up this short story in ONE DAY!!!! XDDDD

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Nightmare Come True.

Ty stepped off the bus. The second thing he did was yawn. Third, he sighed. For Ty, school today for him hadn't at all been different then the other things. The only things at school that were different, was how he talked with his friends, and how he learnt different stuff in each of his classes. Everything else was boring. No one likes 'boring'.

"Hey!" Gordon, Ty's friend called, sticking his head out an open bus window. Ty turned to look at him. "Cheer up Ty!" his friend yelled. "Things'll get better!" Gordon was always on the optimistic side. Somehow, this only dampened Ty's spirits.

"Sure it will," Ty said in a dull tone of voice, but it was loud enough for Gordon to hear. Ty doubted it though. Hoping had never actually done Ty any miracles, and if it did, Ty would have to grow wings and fly first.

The bus's door started to close then. Gordon smiled and yelled hurriedly, "Don't worry man! Everything'll go alright! And if it don't
-" he thought for a sec -"then oh well! Atleast you've still got awesome me to hang around right?"

Ty had to crack a grin. "'Awesome' my foot," he snorted derisively. "If you're 'awesome', then I'm a giraffe."

The bus started to pull away before Gordon could sarcastically reply back (which was good, Ty wasn't exactly in the mood for talk-battles.) Ty laughed heartily as Gordon attempted to pull his head back in, but failed, slamming the back of his head against the bus window. "OW! DANG
-" Gordon started to curse animatedly. Ty couldn't make out anymore words, seeing as the roar of the bus drowned out the rest of his friend's words.

After a few more moments of being doubled up in laughter (took quite a while actually), Ty composed himself (took another long while) and started the rather long walk home. He couldn't wait to get back into his house for many reasons: Sleep, snore, and dream. Something he was rather good at actually. The moment Ty would step in through the front door, he was planning to just ditch his backpack right then and there, kick off his shoes, yank off his socks, run to his room, and perform the famous all-knowing bellyflop right on top of his bed. Now this schedule, he loved.

He was missing his room. Which was saying something, as he usually loved being outdoors more (resting, in the shade.) But today was an exception... because today for Ty, had been boring. Very boring. Why, it had been SO boring, he had nearly been brought to tears just by thinking about it. (He hadn't cried for years, so crying after a day of school because of it's boring-ness was quite something.)

Mornings on weekdays with school started out as usual. Little brothers (twins) following him around whilst he got ready for school, asking questions about his school life ("What's your school like? Is it cool? How many stairs are there? Are there windows? How many doors? What do you even do there?") and how he dressed up for school ("Why are you wearing BLUE? Blue sucks, wear red!") Much of this chatter would sometimes drive Ty up the wall, but nowadays, he ignored them. He was getting quite good at it too.

But that was the thing: the more Ty ignored, the more his little brothers would stalk him. Everywhere Ty went, they went. Every room he entered, they entered. Every place Ty stepped in, the twins were sure to step in too, and every closet Ty tread on, you could bet your socks that his little brothers would be following. Why, they had even attempted to follow Ty into the bathroom (and would've entered too) if Ty hadn't snapped out of his daze and intervened.

Boarding the bus was a different story. The bus he rode on was always sure to be loud. Not a single second was wasted for silence. Paper wads would fly through the air, broken pencils would be used for ammunition (hitting unfortunates in the head), and spitballs weren't all that thrilling. One of these things were sure to hit you atleast three times a ride; even laying on the bus floor underneath the seats weren't safe. You'd be sure trodded on, for starters.

Getting off the bus wasn't safe either. Getting pushed and shoved along the small aisle wasn't absolutely a safe or good idea. Other fellow bus riders seemed to love pushing (and being pushed) since they did it a lot. Ty certainly wouldn't be surprised if some one did die on that bus. The chances of death on the bus were, afterall, quite high. (To Ty anyway, but he was sure others would agree with him.)

Approaching the school's front doors wasn't such a big deal. Well, atleast until you entered. The moment Ty had put the tip of his shoe through the door, a swarm of students going the other way had overwhelmed him. He'd sometimes take two different positions: he'd either end up being squished to the side with half of his face pressed against the wall, or, on the ground half-conscious, with foot marks over his clothes and body. Neither are comfortable, Ty knew from experience.

Then there was the matter with the teachers. They'd corner you like a cat would a mouse and demand to know what happened to yesterday's assignment. They didn't take excuses. At his middle school, teachers weren't normal people, no matter how funny their jokes are. They weren't normal, and all of the students attending that school knew it. They loved paining students, and watching them suffer. They would smile as they watch their students think up random excuses for tardy homework, and laugh at the creativity their students thought up. To a student's eyes, how evil could anyone get?

So teachers are evil! Concluded many students in their minds. Anyone would agree, with the hard evidence. Now, each student had their own opinion on which teacher was more evil. Many would claim that the Coach was. He made them run laps 20 times (or more) around the too-large gym. Many others would claim the Math teacher was. Too many math homework. The tests the Math teacher had gave out had an awesome reputation of the most break-downs and crying in the entire building. All students had a sneaky suspicion that the Math teacher was quite fond of her rep.

But many (MANY many) thought the science teacher was just plain evil. He grinned evilly at every opportunity, and smiled whenever a student would come close to a near-accident. He laughed with a "MUWAHAHAHA" tinge to it, and his eyes were always darting. To make things more horror movie scary, he knew all of his students. Every. Last. One. Of. Them. Their full names, parents, phone numbers... why, perhaps even their addresses. If you troubled the Science teacher (didn't matter how big or small), you'd find a black car sitting on the curb when you looked out the front window of your house. The driver's silhouette would then remind you remarkably of the Science teacher.

No one saw the science teacher as some teacher. They personally thought he imitated Frakenstein better then the actor in the movie himself. Sure, the science teacher didn't look like Frackenstein (whilst Frackenstein's got a big forehead, the science teacher was quite better/humane-looking in comparison), but they acted very well like relatives. He scared many students.

Including Ty. Especially Ty.

Walking down the block, he ran his hand through his hair. It was only 3 in the afternoon, so some birds would still be chirping. Squirrels were still darting about. Children of all shapes and sizes were running around like all hell was loose. All this activity was starting to fry Ty's brain, so he tried not thinking about everything going on around him. Concentrate on the cracks of the sidewalk Ty, he would think to himself. Try not to step on them. You wouldn't want to break your mother's back.

Didn't work. He still noticed everything moving around him. He sighed again, and decided to just walk on, whilst he imagined his brain frying.

Afternoon sun was beating against his back. This, he found, wasn't comforting. Summer was going to start in a couple of weeks, according to the calender (who pays attention to the calender anymore?) and calenders weren't exactly accurate with the start of seasons.

Thus continued the random babbling in his mind. The walk home from the bus stop was quite long. In fact, Ty lived atleast 6 blocks away from his stop. Yes, it was torchure for someone as lazy as Ty. He used to complain every day (his school started at 6:30) whilst he got ready. His parents had dealt with his complaints with patience, asking him politely to stop whining and explaining that he'd get used to it someday. But, when their patience ran out.... well... let's just say Ty's parents could be quite convincing when they want to be.

He was now halfway down the second block home, walking casually. He didn't feel like running or walking fast; took up too much of his energy. Besides, he'll get home soon anyway, so why the rush?

If only he knew what was coming. Then maybe he would've ran for home. Well, he should have, the terror of what was going to come next was simply too much to bear.

But he didn't know what was going to happen next. So he didn't run.

Anyways, he was walking. Hot sun beating down on him, activity of all sorts around him; all wonderful. Ty again adjusted his pack, and continued to walk, playful breezes blowing. Car engines were heard from a distance and the laughter of kids younger then him rang out in the air. His neighborhood was obviously not a quiet one.

Then, he heard a car's engine cutting from behind him. There were many cars starting to park in this neighborhood, so hearing it wasn't surprising. It was normal activity for Ty, so he didn't look back to check what car it was. Not only that, but he didn't pay much attention to it. He just continued on walking, paying no attention to anything not worth paying attention to. The only thing he was paying attention to was his thoughts, since his thoughts were worth his attention, but nothing else.

Car doors slamming. Ty didn't check. He continued to walk. Nothing to it, one step over the other. Taking his time. Not difficult. He wasn't paying attention to anything not worth paying attention to, afterall. Everything that was happening around him was natural, stuff that he would expect.

But what happened next wasn't natural, so he wasn't expecting it.

Ty was gazing up at the clouds above him, daydreaming about nothing in particular, when he heard a man's voice call out.

"Ty! Is that you?"

OK, that wasn't normal. So it was without a doubt that he paid attention to it. Turning his head fast towards the source of the voice, he frowned. Who was calling him now at this time of day?

Only thing was, he had turned his head so fast, he was left standing there, dazed for a couple of seconds. He quietly waited for his vision to come back, and when it did, he nearly blacked out again.

The man who had called him was dressed casually, in jeans and a t-shirt. He stood next to a black car on the driver's side. There was a lady standing next to him, but he didn't spare her a second glance.

The man grinned, and waved. "Well, what do you know? It IS Ty! There goes one of my favorite students!"

No way
-the man-it was-

Before Ty knew it, he was flying down the block. "Hey!" he heard his Science teacher call out behind him. "Where are you going?!"

Now, at this moment, anyone who was in Ty's shoes would've used this running time to rant off questions, i.e., "What is HE doing here?!" and "Is that dude stalking me?!" and "Holy pancakes! How did he just randomly appear out of nowhere?!"

But honestly? The only thought running through Ty's mind was "NO!!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO DO MY HOMEWORK!!!!!!"

Now, every student finds it to their horror, that if a teacher visited/knew where you live, it'd be the end of the life for you. Ty found himself wondering what he had possibly done to upset his teacher; for this unexpected pop-up had definitely scared three years off of Ty's life.

He flew down the next block without seeing anything. He was like a bulldozer, knocking children left and right, running past strangers like the very devil was at his heels (for all Ty knew, the "devil" WAS probably following him.) Why, he had nearly sent a poor old lady flying, whilst running ("Hey kid!" the old lady had scolded in a shrilly voice. "I'm an old lady y'know! So mind where you step!") but Ty wasn't listening. He HAD to get home, bolt the locks and crawl underneath his bed. What were the chances that his teacher was already at his house, having a cup of tea with his mom?

That thought only made him move faster. The sudden image of his evil Science teacher taking over his own house frightened him beyond belief.

Now, Ty was running like a pro. He had completely forgotten about his earlier laziness, now with his main focus being: FIND SHELTER! No one could blame Ty though, the Science teacher was a teacher who was well-feared at his school. Anyone who was scared of the Science teacher and was in Ty's shoes would have fled in the opposite direction too.

Mr. Milton was Ty's neighbor. He was in love with his many cats, and loved tomatoes. He was sitting on a rocking chair on his porch when he heard feet thump heavily on sidewalk. The usual sound of someone running.

Looking up, he found to his amusement, that it was Ty. Running, by the looks of things. Mr. Milton could hardly believe it, the boy was RUNNING! The boy whom he had known as 'lazy', was running!

"Oh lord-y!" Mr. Milton called out, standing up in awe, as Ty ran pass his house. "Call the press folks! That young feller is actually RUNNING! Well, bless my heart and whiskers, he is! Go boy, go!" Then to himself, he quietly thought, grinning, "Whoever's got the kid running like that, ought to congratulate themselves. That kid hasn't ran in centuries!"

Ty didn't know what Mr. Milton was talking about as he ran past the old man's house. But he didn't think twice about it, he was close to home.

He ran into the front yard of his house, and flew up the stairs into his porch. He pounded on the front door for what seemed 2 minutes, when the door opened revealing his mother.

She was staring at him with her eyes wide. "Ty? Mr. Milton just called! He's telling me that you're running for the Olympics and to call the local press! What's Mr. Milton talking about? And why
-" she caught a good luck at her son's flustered face. "Oh my!" she called out, and allowed her son into the house, leading him towards the nearest couch, settleing him down, and walking back towards the front door, locking it.

She stared at her son. Ty was quite tall, so running wasn't at all a trouble for him, with his long legs. He was of healthy build (not too skinny, but just about), so he was light. The last she had seen her son flustered was when he was 9; running home after he had stolen cookies from Mrs. Cook's house just up the street. She was surprised, and proud. Afterall, her son had caught Mr. Milton's attention! It was hard to get that old man's attention nowadays, but her son had done it!

"Are you OK Ty?" she asked gently to her son. Ty's little twin brothers came bounding into living room then, chanting "Go Ty go! Go Ty go! Goooo Ty!"

Ty breathed. In, out. In, out. Whoo, had he been RUNNING! He had forgotten how fascinating it was to run like that, and thanks to his fear of the Science teacher, he had felt... refreshed.

But this meant that he'd be facing his terrorizing teacher the next day. Something Ty would certainly be dreading. There was no denying it; his most feared teacher had appeared on him. Walking nightmare right there.

Oh well. Ty mentally shrugged. Tomorrow was something he could worry about later. (Or never, Ty prefered.) There was one thing was for sure: This definitely hadn't been a 'boring' day!

Ty grinned up at his mother. "Nah mum... I'm alright. Ain't nothing to it, I was just running." He was hoping, that maybe, just maybe, tomorrow would be just a bit adventurous.

But there was still tomorrow. Confronting the science teacher. Hopefully, another close nightmare won't happen.


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