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No Hope And Nothing Left

Short story By: XxXxSamanthaxXxX

i did this for school and got a good mark on it so yeah i posted it on here hope you like it!!!

Submitted:Sep 16, 2008    Reads: 270    Comments: 7    Likes: 2   

My name is Abigail and once a long time ago I used to be happy I used be able to be in the sun I used to be able to laugh and have fun with my friends, but things change , people change , lives change. Things happen for a reason, and when those things happen you can't change them. My life used to mean something, my life used to be full of adventure ....not anymore. You see when your will to live is taken away you have nothing, you want nothing, so here I sit in my dungeon of a life, sorrow surrounds me. My name is Abigail and I am 18 and have no life, no friends, my life consists of nothing. When I was 16 I was taken to a place where I knew no one, I did not even know the people who took me to this place, the place where the birds die from the lack of sunlight. I am locked in my room and I do nothing, I don't fight back anymore, I don't try to run anymore, they do what they please then they leave, the guys who took me care nothing for me, they only care about themselves. My body has stopped responding to what I want so now I sit here and wait, wait for my life to end, wait for the sound of footsteps coming up behind me, I wait for the one thing to set me free. At this point in my life I feel empty like I can't go on any more, like I am in a coffin and it is slowly being shut, at this point I wish my life to be over. Every day I grow tired, tired of this place, tired of wondering what will happen to me next, tired of wanting things to end. You can't even imagine what it is like, how it feels not to be loved, how it feels not to be wanted the way you want to be wanted. I hear the footsteps and wish for the end..... will it happen this time......are they finally done with me...... I think not....they never are. I walk over to the open window and look out to see the fire, the fire of the sun that stretches over the land. I wonder what Rapunzel felt like locked in a tower waiting for her prince to come save her, I have no prince coming to save me, no one even knows I exists. The footsteps come closer; they are at the door of my cell. I take a deep breath knowing what will happen............... I have been her for 2 years of my life; 2 years of not wanting to go on, do you know what that does to a person......I hope so. I wonder what my life could have been, would have been, would I be the next president, the next scientist to discover the cure to cancer. How can people take something that does not belong to them , take something that does not want to go , take something to call their own.....how can people take people. When you have nothing colors begin to fade, emotions turn to nothing, and nothing turns into me, I am the person you fear, the person you hate, the person you love, I am the only person who is every person..........................tell me how to go on, tell me how to survive my nightmare, tell me everything is going to be okay, tell me you will be there for me when I fall, tell me I will go on...................................


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