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Killer Sc'yython

Short story By: Yiss

two year old Sc'yython kills people locked up for sixteen years has to do what Ka'naku says

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Killer Sc'yython

A long time ago I lost something very important to me; well of course, you can't trust a two year old to take care of something this valuable.

A few days after, I bumped into a guy he said his name was Ka'naku then I told him my name's Sc'yython; now get out of my way, I'm looking for something very important. I glance down at his hands; my eyes widen "hey that's what I've been looking for!" I say when I see the ring on his hand it had a circle in the middle with four sharp points, I had one like it on my right leg, but bigger obviously and it always spikes my foot so I turn the base around.

"Can I have it back… please" I ask stretching my hand out towards him with a hopeful look on my face but he doesn't fool for my cuteness and says "finder's keepers" putting his hand behind his back.

My eyes narrow and flash red with evil then fade back to snow white, rube red and raven black, that is my normal colour by the way and I absolutely hate that saying, finders keepers, yeah, right.

Ka'naku looked away and I folded my arms, for a two year old I certainly didn't act like one.

"Give it, hand it over!" I say angrily.

"No I'm keeping it so stop asking!" Ka'naku said.

I got angrier and angrier and after killing a few people he finally decided to lock me up, but sadly, it's not jail, he locked me up in some place where people go to get others to do their jobs. I always wanted to see what jail was like, but now I will never get the chance.

It was boring in there, nothing to do and without my ring well I guess I'll just say I can't sleep without it.

Ka'naku gave me some movies and books so that I won't be as bored, it didn't change much though, especially when I can't go anywhere, I was stuck in the same spot in the middle of the room until I was eighteen, by then I had memorized all the movies and books he had gave me.

I looked curiously around the room; plain white walls add to its simple shape and sound echoes off the walls from people talking outside.

I hear Ka'naku mention my name; I guess this is the part where they get me to do some stupidly pointless job.

I hear footsteps coming closer and the door opened I turn my head to face them.

"This is Sc'yython, Sc'yython this is Jak say hi" Ka'naku notified me.

I just stood there like I normally do in front of others. I slowly raised my hand for a half wave then a girl walks in and looks at me strangely, I lowered my hand and looked strangely back at her.

"This is my daughter Lucy" Jak informed me putting his arm around her.

Ka'naku pressed the button that releases my legs so I flex them, standing for that long hurts when you stand like I was.

"Sc'yython, you have to do what they want" Ka'naku always tells me what to do, he just talks to me like that because he's got my ring and unfortunately I have to do what he says, which means it will be really hard to get it back.

Jak said I had to kill some girl called Yiss, when I spotted her she was singing, apparently she really loves to sing, she was pink with blue spots on her arms and legs as well as around her body she also has a Y shaped tail.

I know a lot about this girl because she was in a movie and a few books. Normally she's with a few friends but today she's not, this will make it easier, much easier.

A dragon then pulled Yiss underground and I followed her down when I landed on the ground I just stood there watching her. This is going to be even easier than I thought.

The dragon wacked her against the wall and when she saw me in a corner she says "Hi, have you been told to kill me? A lot of people are trying to at the moment, not succeeding though, of course; otherwise you won't have the chance to have a go to"

She looks at me strangely with her head to one side.

I think she senses something is up, and when the dragon finally gives up trying to kill her she concentrates on me.

"So anyway you seem distracted" she says to me.

I look away "maybe," my eyes widen "wait, I got an idea, I'll let you go if you can retrieve something for me, my ring from my… boss," he's not my boss I can't believe I just said that!

"Sure anything for anyone as long as it's not killing somebody I don't hate I'm not doing this to be let free though, I'm doing this because you want help" Yiss said.

Of course, she only wants to help, that's all she wants to do.

When I made it back to where my… boss always is he looks at me and asks "so did you finish?"

I look away again "sure."

Then Yiss ran lightning fast in front of him grabbing the ring straight off his hand.

"Fun" she says holding it up.

When she gave it back to me we quickly ran out of the building, leaving him behind in anger. He'll be after me again so I decide to go to a different planet with Yiss.


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