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The Messiah In Disguise

Short story By: Yusufalam

The story is narrated by Mikhail about the experience on a trip to the city with his college senior, Shanal.

Submitted:Oct 31, 2011    Reads: 51    Comments: 8    Likes: 2   

I'm Mikhail; I live in the outskirts with my mother. But this story isn't about me, but about my senior at college. The most disgusting person I knew in the whole campus. I just hated him, for his disgraceful comments on the girls passing by, for the abusive language he used to converse in, everything about him was so irritating. But in spite of the immense hatred I had for him, I was nice to him.

"Does that make me a hypocrite?" I leave the judgment part to God. And like I said, this story isn't about me, it's about him.

Came this day, I had to go to city and I needed someone with whom I could share the expenses of the gas. I had put a request on the notice board the day before and I was about to leave on my own when he called me saying even he had some work in the city so he won't mind coming along. I wanted to say no but since his company would save me some money, I told him he could come.

"Does that make me mean?" May be it does, but I didn't care.

So we started our journey, this guy had a nice sense of humor but I couldn't help but notice that he would hardly look into my eyes while talking. May be the guy had some story. But I couldn't care any less. I still despised him.

The journey was going fine when on our way we saw a familiar car parked in the middle of nowhere. The car belonged to Moesin's girl! What was it doing parked amidst the woods? Something was fishy! I pushed the brakes.

Moesin was once a great friend of mine. But he was a friend until I found out that he bad-mouthed about me behind my back. And I completely stopped talking to him from then. But the bonds of friendships cannot be broken so easily. And seeing his girl's car like this got me really worried.

Shanal also sensed something was wrong so we got down to find out what was going on. And there we heard the scream! I knew at once it was her!!

We rushed into the direction of her cry and there he was, a tall, dark man tying her to a tree! We both had no chance of bringing him down, but luckily he had his back on us. I saw something metal like tied to his belt, it was a gun! The thing they show in movies, which kills a man in seconds! And then I realized no matter how much I tried, I couldn't move a muscle. I was petrified!

"Does that make me a coward?" I am sure as hell, it does!

And then I coudn't believe my eyes for what I saw! Shanal was fighting the man who seemed two times stronger than him. But he was fighting like a tiger! The man was caught off guard and he was down to the ground. Shanal then got his hands on a stone and barged it into the man's head. He was out at once!

I finally got back the hold of myself and helped Shanal tie the man to the tree.

I looked at Aicha, she was panting and a part of her dress was torn. Shanal gave her his jacket.

And there I saw, that genuine concern in his eyes for a fellow human being. All my hatred for him vanished that very moment!

He was actually a far better person than I ever was. A messiah in disguise!


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