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That death. They're unlucky. It was written in fate but now, they leave a lot of gloom before them. All the animals of the Arctic used to smile and have fun but now, they weep.

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The dark and the frosty night was at its peak. The smoky clouds sprinkled gloom all over the snowy valley. The puffins, who have such cute eyes, were too, murky. And other Arctic wildlife had such pallid faces, hidden deep in their own fur. It looked like they were sunk deep in grief. Mere cries of sorrow were spread across the valley. It was truly a painful night. The shadows of utter silence deepened gradually as the night moved on.

The moon looked like, it too wasn't' relishing his time, sad and having a sombre expression on his face. That'is why it seemed to hide behind the clouds for long stretches of time. Under that distressed moon, there was that mountain, standing tall and proud but actually tonight, it was exactly sorrowed as the others.

That mountain was a majestic and a mesmerising place. It was also a popular hiking place for the tourists and other hikers. Also, it was a centre of attraction across the world but it too, like all the other mountains had bear many strong and powerful blizzards, avalanches and bad weather but that mountain was adapted to that. Standing at one place for a thousand years, a lot of things happen. But that day, it was different. Very different than the rest of the days.

What was her fault? She didn't do anything wrong. Everybody has the right to enjoy their life, any way they want. But why did that blizzard came only when she was there? She was innocent, not like the others.

Jealousy and hatred are some of the sins which are tasteless. We don't get anything nice from it. Sophia, that innocent girl who didn't hurt anyone, was too a victim of these tasteless sins.

These sins committed by two girls, whom she called her friends but unfortunately, they weren't. They were just two girls jealous of her fame, her cute behaviour and most of all, her honesty and loyalty.

Climbing a mountain, literally is easy than climbing it metaphorically. Now, it was a hurdle to climb this mountain with her two friends, April and Mariana.
The climbing had to be easy for Sophia, she knew it too but the other two knew that they were surely going to miss out on some point still they planned to climb it.

When the bare sun-rays smoothly touches an icy block, it creates a disarray of shining glares. That moment is like a gift-from-Heaven for the skiers and the hikers of the mountain. Though it is a bit, very little bit sunny at the base-camp, the top is like a vast room of fog and bitter coldness engaged in a deep embrace with the frigid.

After climbing continuously for a week, they finally were close to conquering it.

Pitching the silky flag into the ground wasn't that easy, considering breaking a barrage of strong winds, enough to knock out a healthy person out of his senses and out of his ground but still, the team of three managed to do so.

Just as they were about to take a photograph near the edge of the mountain, not knowing that they could plunge to their death about three feet near them, a cruel and very evil incident happened.

All of a sudden strong and blinding winds started blowing around them. They couldn't see anything instead of a white curtain of snow. The three of them huddled close together to keep themselves warm but they couldn't move or do anything else.

Three hours went by and suddenly, the blizzard stopped. But the three of them weren't to be seen, they froze to death.

The inhabitants of that range still weep in sorrow. How quickly can one embrace the angel of death, a warm tear trickles down her furry cheeks as the she-wolf silently heads home, sobbing. The bears don't growl anymore, instead they weep, silently...


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