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Stop And Stare

Short story By: Zephaniah13

When she entered their sacred place she was never prepared for what happened. Not to see him. Not for the injury. She had been oblivious. He got to her and she had no one, she had sent everyone else away. So who is her hero? Him or herself?

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My eyes open wide in terror and utter shock. I look down, my hands shaking uncontrollably as they gingerly fly over my wound. I look down at it, see my candy red blood pour out of my stomach, an endless stream of red. I fall to my knees, but I don't feel the pain of my knees colliding heavily against the cold stone, all I feel is the shock. My vision begins to blur as I slowly pull off my long sleeved gray shirt, throwing the now blood soaked shirt to the side. I reached for my switchblade holstered to my right leg and carefully cut a strip of fabric from my already chest high top. I wrapped it around my index finger, and carefully, so very carefully put it into the gaping wound. I winced in pain as I moved my finger around until I found the discarded piece of metal claw that had gotten stuck in the hole. I bit my lip to keep from screaming as I dug it out with my finger. I put my switchblade back and unwrapped my finger, throwing the cloth and metal to the ground next to my now red sweatshirt. I pushed up from the stone cold floor, feeling dirt crumble under my shaking hand. I bit down on my lip and tasted blood as I stood up, feeling new, warmer blood spurt from the gaping hole. I coughed and blood trailed down my chin, hitting the floor silently. I looked to my left and right, trying to find him. He was here somewhere, how else did he put a frickin' hole in my stomach. Slowly, oh so slowly, I walked to the far back corners of the room, hearing the splattering of my blood falling on the stone and dirt ground. It hurt so bad as I walked about the room. I kept biting onto my lip until my teeth ached. I clenched my hands into fists, puncturing the skin that my nails pushed against. My strides got smaller and my vision became more blurred and more dark around the edges. I made it to the center of the room before my vision became completely black and my head was pounding, until I couldn't stand any longer. My face was against the stone ground, I could see individual little pieces of grass and dirt in front of my eyes. I could smell my blood and so much of it, it was completely nauseating. I tried to push off the ground, I even got my chest off the ground until I couldn't hold myself up and I fell back to the ground. I could hear and smell the new gush or blood pour from my wound and I let out a little yell of pain. I was completely useless. I heard chuckling which soon turned into cold hearted laughter that filled my ears. "Such a useless girl you are. Look at yourself. Down on the ground. Unable to even sit up. You're pathetic." I gritted my teeth and spat a mouthful of hot blood at the clawed feet that were now in front of me. He leaned down on his clawed toes and turned his head to look at my face. "Now, that wasn't very polite now was it? I guess I'll have to repay your warm gesture." He looked at one claw interestingly, and plunged it into my wound. I screamed out in pain. "Stop!" I gave in. He leaned down and grabbed my chin, yanking my face up to look him in the eyes. "And it was just getting fun. You're pathetic, girl. So weak. So. . Never mind that. You won't heal. Thank your beloved Beleth for that." With that he flung my chin away and stood, yanking my up with him until I was standing. He dragged me up the stairs and flung me against the benches. I screamed again as my back slammed against one bench, crumbling beneath me. He pulled me by my hair to stand, but I slumped against him. He put his arm around my blood stained waist, his other was holding my face to look at him. His claws lightly pushed against my check until I felt warm blood trickle down. I winced slightly and stared at him. He laughed and threw me into the crumbling fountain, into the cool water. And that was it.

"Next time you come to us, be prepared. You're precious Beleth isn't here to save you. You're on your own."

You have to be your own hero.

"Not Always."

I'll be your hero.

Your best friend.

Your worst enemy.

I'm the perfect enemy, your only hero today.


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