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There have been several brutal assaults on me on the East Coast of the United States, and I travelled to Seattle, Washington State near the beginning of the year on Amtrak Trains to facilitate leaving the country.  In the recent past, the police have not protected me nor responded to my reports of crime -  even though I am an American Citizen and well-known writer (including poet) on the Internet, and a fellow from 1978 from the National Endowment for the Arts in Music.

Are there any refugee programs that might offer me financial assistance in leaving the U.S.?  The country has deteriorated, and the entire time of this deterioration - the crimes of physical, brutal assaults on me have increased and many have been in public in the Washington, D.C.- Northern Virginia - Suburban Maryland area which includes Chevy Chase and Bethesda, Maryland.

I look forward to monetary assistance so I may leave the crime areas, as well as any ideas where I can find temporary "housing" until I am able to leave the United States and contact my international friends, of whom I feel I have many although they are unknown as I have been isolated from the "big world" that is broader than the U.S.

Thank you,

Ms. Patricia Louise McGurk





I am confident that I am one of the "best in the world" writers, musicians and poets, and I am proud of my life and draft works although they are not published yet.  Most of my drafts are stolen.   I am still travelling through the United States, currently in Seattle, Washington State with little shelter from any storm.  I plan to leave the country once I have enough money and travel identification.

Ms. Patricia L. McGurk

MY EMAIL ADDRESS FOR ELECTRONIC INTERNET MAIL: although my email does not reach me - I receive no international emails nor domestic emails, other than my mother's correspondence to me.  All my mail under the names McGurk and Martin or Hearst is stolen, and should be sent to the email address and never "separated" or "sorted out" by anyone, as this is a serious topic, the theft of anyone's personal mail or emails.

Human slavery is a horrific crime and is not allowed to occur in this part of the English-speaking world.  I wait for the chance to leave the United States, even though I am not a slave as I am important internationally as a person of great wealth and highest birth, I believe of any monarch or king.  The Americans do not care and commit the crimes, paying no mind to the laws against character defamation alone, calling me "Slave Fatima" whenever they wish, mixing up my identity in inumerable ways with lies about my race, as well.



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  • Patricia L. McGurk
Dearest Ada, I hate to say that the terrible crime has repeated itself full cycle once again with the illegal bank fees being charged to me of $35.00 twice for being overdrawn by $2.96 from Federal Express while using the computer which may have overcharged me to begin with as there was no warning - when I have coverage for being overdrawn to begin with, (that has never worked) and, as well, the fees were charged illegallyu.
I amd afraid that whatever amount of money that I know you can't spare was put in my account and has been used up with the overdraft fees (which are for personal checks only, to begin with and are illegally used by Wells Fargo, in my opinion).
There is no record of your deposit to my account and I am overdrawn about $55.00 or so. Can you tell me how much it was for?
I am reporting this and will check my account, getting back to you later. It is extremely hard to concentrate in here and I am doing the best I can just to take care of this little amount of personal business on the internet.
Patricia Louise McGurk


I met another man who looked a lot like Dad yesterday, in a wheelchair. He tried to give me his telephone number so we could get together for lunch at a local inexpensive restaurant here in the Belltown area of Seattle, and someone younger came and wouldn't let him finish writing down his telephone number.

I saw a young boy (white) restrained on the street by a woman today, who told me she was his mother and I have to take her word. But someone did something like that to me as a child in perhaps the same location, and it was definitely not my mother doing it - all I could do was cry as the police told me if I kicked my legs or fought they would charge me as "combative" or "uncooperative with authority". I never told you much about my childhood when we weren't together all the years, as you may or may not remember all the sadness of both of our lives, of all of our lives. I was being kidnapped and all the police did was threaten me, a pattern that never stopped.

Now I am able to speak for myself as a senior citizen or older adult in society with more authority than at eight years old. No one listens to children, but especially to the royal or wealthy child or heir/heiress.

The man in the wheelchair I spoke to yesterday, in addition to the man I spoke with in Cambridge, Massachusetts at a church (outside of Boston) seemed to be a hostage and really reminded me of Dad. The back of his neck was swollen and looked painful, but he was cheerful. I know I am a hostage here as I have been in the United States since I was a child, as my wealth has been stolen no matter from what source it comes, it is immediately stolen. I want you to be careful and avoid emotional relationships or "entanglements" with any people in your private life, all right? That is where the current problems are, and they often occur with couples called "couples crimes" by the real police we used to have in Northern Virginia who spoke to me about this crime several years ago.

Both men touched me emotionally and the former one in Cambridge reminded me of Richard Burton, or Sir Richard Burton the great actor. No one listened to me on the East coast no matter what state I was in - nor in Texas or surrounding states. So I am making my notes for international authorities once I am out of the United States and speaking to my peers, or international military authority that IS NOT PRESENT in the United States to report what I feel as military crimes against my family, an officer's family as well as problems with Microsoft, Starbucks, MacDonalds, 7-11. Giant, Safeway, Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, Macy's and other stores - before tackling the corporations that are unrelated to food or retail.

Patricia Louise McGurk

(also known as Patricia McGurk Martin, a "writer's name to maintain privacy in my life)


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