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Top Secret Codes Of Truly Rich People

Article By: iambookish2013
Personal finance

Dear friend. I know there are times in your life wherein you run like a headless chicken due to lack of cash. I know you've been working hard hoping that someday you will achieve the wealth that you have been seeking for so long. But the problem is that you don't have the idea where to start to. Good thing you've arrived on this page as this reveals the codes of truly rich people.

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By the way, what is the different of rich people and truly rich people? Well, rich people may think that greediness and selfishness are virtues. On the other hand, truly rich people are those who had the wealth of a billionaire but also possessed a heart of monk. Could it be possible?

First of all, rich people are those who were not afraid of failures. For them the failure and not the achievement is the measurement of a real success in life. Let me tell you this. Yes, Michael Jordan is regarded as the best player in the history of the NBA however would you believe that he also had the most number of missed shots and failed games in his record? If you want to succeed in life, you have to eat failures and learn from them instead of taking them as part of your daily life.

Based on survey, most Americans and Chinese have the so-called smart banks. Even if we don't admit it but the fact is that rich people are not the smartest but they just have better money management. Take note that every year, the value of money losses by 10%. That means 100% every decade. For business experts, this is the so-called inflation rate. Now, how can we make this inflation rate as friend and not as our enemy? Well, there are places that offer 7-20% interest depending on the market and they are known to be stocks, bond funds, mutual funds, equity funds etc. You can check out the list of these places using the internet and see what suits for your income.

Rich people think for long term effect while average people think of earning and spending the money after all. In life you have actually two problems. The first one is that if you live longer, where would you get the money to support the remaining years of your life? Another thing is that if you die early, where would you get the money to support your family? That is why there is the so-called insurance. Insurance is actually a gift and not the thing you may think of. Of course, why do we still need vitamins if we can assure we will not be able to get sick for the whole year? Whether you'll gonna live longer or you'll gonna die early, having your own insurance is a must.

The last thing is that rich people give value to the culture of sharing. For them, if you give a part of your income they expect a pay back as return. In the bible if you're reading, you'll gonna find the verse there that giving means you are planting the seeds of God to his universe. Truly rich people are the ones who share their blessings to others.

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