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Still thinking about it

Book By: Carla Mary
Personal finance

Its the first chapter of a book I've written. I left out the middle of it because it's the longest. I need feedback to know how others opinions. I am open to all types of critic from grammar to content.
Thank You.

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Allow me to be very clear on the purpose of this book.This is in no way a Get-Rich quick scheme.All this book will do is give you the tools to turn your goals and dreams into reality.I notice a lot of books just tell us how to handle our money.The assumption made is that we have an income, be it an allowance, when we know very well we don't have one.What is the point of knowing how to manage your money if you don't have any?I am trying to show you what we so often don't even have access to.The fact is that most of us are working by the time we are fourteen to help our families or to buy what we want.
I am going to show you one way of coming up from nothing and making something of yourself on your own.This is not a Bible or something you have to follow to the T.This is more like an outline, or rules to a game.It all depends on you and how you use it to your advantage.You are the only one that can affect the outcome of your success.This is totally on you, if you fail it will be your fault, but if you succeed you will owe no one anything.I kind of like the fact that my success is on me, for a long time I felt like I had to wait until I was an adult in order to take control of my future.When I realized I could take control of my future here and now I was able to see opportunitiese that didn't seem to be there before.I'm tired of the environment I was born into dictating my future.
If all this book does is inspire you to stop being a victim of your circumstance and go after whatever your dream is then it's all good with me.I'm giving you fifty ideas that I thought of they are far from perfect, but they are just meant to get you thinking.A lot of times my friends or family will say something that gave me an idea. I just want to give you an idea, if I say something that gives you a different idea go with your idea.I think the key is to be passionate about whatever you do.If you don't like what you are doing you're not going to make it through the hard times.If you already know what you want to do or already have a job you like then skip to the chapter that explains what to do next.
If you want to use my ideas you are welcome to.Scan the information and read the paragraph to understand what I mean.The last thing I will say before you go on this roller roaster ride is be creative.Understand the fact that there is no one in this world like you.You are the only person that can bring "it" to the table; all you need to do is figure out what "it" is.Some people love working with animals, after going to school for it, they can bring a vet license and their specific style to the table. Most of us are not born with "it" but if we have the drive we have acquire it.
If you see an idea in this chapter that you know nothing about, don't just skip over it.Try something new, no one says you can only try one idea.If you don't know what you want to do with your life, how can you choose without trying a couple of things on for size?Do the math, if your fifteen you have three years to play with different ideas before you need to make a choice.If you were on a game show and could peak into every door before having to choose, wouldn't you?Go ahead and peak I won't tell a soul.This is the end of my pep talk for now see you in chapter two.
1.BABYSITTING; it has been around as long as time.To set yourself apart give yourself a company name, maybe do group babysitting, and take the safety classes. If your going to care for infants take infant CPR classes and traditional CPR(sometimes taught in PE).Have a schedule that the children are going to be on.Schedules keep kids entertain, you in control and everyone safe.Keep conplete control of the situation, have a discipline plan that works for you and the parents.Group babysittings is the safest because it allows for personal breaks and keeps you and the kids safe.Try to babysit in an environment familiar to you because it allows you to better gauge the risk of harm to a child in certain rooms, and your personal safety is also dramatically increase when you dont go into a strangers home.
2.PETSITTING; usually cats.This is almost the easiest job ever created, you feed the cat once or twice a day at a certain time, change the litter box and get paid for it.When your caring for a dog full time the price definetly goes up; you not only need to check for and clean any accidents a dog might have, but you'll need to walk it, and even bath it in some instances.Dont be closed minded or too specific about what your advertising some people have hamsters, birds, snakes, etc which also need to be look after while an owner is away. A good idea is to research your competition offer discount they cant afford, and learn from others mistakes.The client had the dog before you came around, which mean there had to be a previous dog walker. Take note of why they are no longer there and dont make the same mistake.
5.DOGWALKING/PETGROOMING; usually two different people will do this jobs, and thats actually great.If you are a dog walker with your own clients and you meet someone who grooms pets and have their own clients, can you imagine the possibilities? You can double your client base, trading customer info is okay but I dont think its the best way.What I would advice is a 6 month discount for new customers. You explain to your customers that "so and so" has lots of experience and is great at making their babies shine and the great thing is that she has a 50% discount for 6 months for customers who sign up by the end of the month..While "so and so" is singing your praises to their customers as well, with the same discount offer…..
If you didn't like any of my ideas than come up with your own.As long as you have an idea for a business you can go on to chapter two and start the hard work.This was the easiest part of your entire journey.


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