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The Three Magic Wishes

Book By: catsarecool
Personal finance

Tags: Magic, Powers

Julie's life was almost perfect, she was pretty, nice, was the best singer in her grade, but none of that mattered to her parents. When a fairy visits Julie she relizes that and wants it to change.

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Julie was the prettiest in her family. She had beautiful blond hair that she always kept in a bun. Her eyes were as blue as the oceans and she could sing like an angel, but she wanted to be a dancer. Her friends said that when she danced the whole world stopped and stared at her. She loved to read and write and she was amazing at all of her subjects. It seemed that her life was perfect, but it wasn't. Her parents hated her.

Julie tried to get her parents to like her, but whatever she did they never seemed pleased. Her parents loved her sister, Sophie and they treated her like an angel.Sophie wasn't as talented or as pretty as Julie. Her hair was brown and she had the dullest black eyes, but she had powers. If you looked into her eyes she could hypnotize you. Julie had powers of her own, but all she had was the ability to not be hypnotized by her sister. Julie always wished she had more powers, but she knew that that wasn't possible.

That night while everybody was asleep Julie got out of bed and sang quietly to herself. A little fairy heard her singing and thought it was beautiful. The fairy flew to the girl and told her that she could have one wish. Julie was shocked that the fairy had heard her and tried to think of a wish. Then she thought of one,she wished she could have three wishes. The fairy granted that wish and gave her three magical pearls that could grant her the wishes. Julie thanked the fariy and invited her to stay the night then she could leave in the morning. The fairy accepted and stayed the night.

The next morning when Julie woke up the fairy had left and the pearls were still there. Julie decided to use one wish and make herself rich. Then in a blink of an eye a little door appeared in her closet. She crawled into the door and found herself in a land full of money! She was very hungry and decided to leave so she could get breakfast, but before she left she grabbed a bush made of money. When she got back to her room she saw her breakfast on her bed. Her parents gave her stale bread with rotten milk. She decided to use another wish. This time she wished for a breakfast fit for a king delivered to her room everyday until she died. Then in a blink of an eye a man came in with a breakfast fit for a king. She quickly took the meal from him and tossed her old one out the window.

Sophie was the first to notice Julie seemed happy when she left her room so she decided to see what was going on. Sophie snuck into her room and saw the golden tray first, then she noticed the door in the closet, and that was when she saw the last magic pearl on her sisters bookshelf. She grabbed the pearl and quietly she snuck it back into her room. At first Sophie had no idea what the pearl was or what powers it possesed. She quickly got onto her laptop and googled the pearl. It took her about five minutes to just go through the search results until she found what she was looking for. She clicked on the website and the page popped up. She read the website five times until she finally realized what the pearl was. She had found out that the pearl was magic.

When Julie got home from school, she ran upstairs to her bedroom. She had been thinking about the last wish the whole entire school day. She got to her room and went to her bookshelf. That was when she realized that the pearl was missing.


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