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lying behind lies!!

Book By: kyky1234
Personal finance

Well when I'm done with it, it will be about how this girls did a trick on a guy trying to fal in love with her. But instead she was using a girls thats not really to show how she really is and not how he see's her in her everyday life.

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Lying Behind Lies I was 12 when all this started. When I say all this I don't mean mood changes or drama. What I mean is when I feel in love with a guy that doesn't even want me. More less have anything to do with me. Now your probably thinking this is going to be about a girl who stalks this man and makes her fall in love with her. No this is really about a girl who makes a guy fall in love with a girl to show who she really is, and not who he thinks she is. Well your probably confuses now so lets start the story. Chapter 1 Just telling ho it all started. It was a Wednesday night and I was told to come up to youth at the church. This was a church I have never been to for youth or anything else. So I had no idea who would be there. I was wearing my panther house shoes, frog pajama shorts, and a blue tee shirt. Cause it was pajama day at school and I didn't have time to change. As I walked into the church everyone just looked at me. Then my friend Kylie, well practically my sister we have been together before I was born. Called my name to come sit by her, so I did. Now Kylie is dating the towns, who they call "trouble maker", or "dare devil". He had been in some trouble over the years with drinking, and wreaking his vehicle. But one very important thing to know what the town had to say was "He was always after the virgins". Before I get to mention Kylie was 15 at the time and was still holding that V card. Well Kylie was being stuck up, and wouldn't hold James her boyfriends hand. So he got up and came and sat by me and said mine I'll just get me a new girlfriend then and started to talk to me. That is the first time I looked in to those charming hazel eyes and thought o my gosh he is the one. As days went on I never really saw him again. Then one day I was walking to get a snow cone and he was riding his bike, which was way to small for him with a neck brace on. Of course all I could do is laugh not knowing the story behind it. So I decided to call Kylie and see what the hell had happened to him. As I found out he totaled his truck driving home drunk and wrap himself around a pole or something. After that I felt really bad and didn't know what to do so I figured next time I saw him I would apoligize and all that. I never saw him again until a few months later. By now he already got what he wanted from Kylie, and was done with her. Well I was riding down to the Pharmacy to get something to drink. In Panhandle were I live it's a very small town and at the pharmacy you can get drinks, ice cream, whatever. Well as I was heading up there I saw him again. This time he was sitting on a cat. Putting together a barn for his boss who just built a house. He just looked at me and smiled and I couldn't help but smile back at him. His perfect smile and face was just to die for. He just kept looking at me and I just looked back.


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