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Tags: Title, Says, It, All

Okay this story isent finished but I will finish.
Kat+Tina+Katina Ifu didnt know how to pronouce the title

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Chapter 1 Life I am a small town girl, Dislexic, and skinny as a twig. I work at a Mcdonalds and live in Ohio. I goto a High School and I am at the age of 18.I also have 4 brothers. I know what hell is like cause ive lived through it. My name is Kat, Katina. My dad and mom own a small house on a little street and work from 6:30 AM to 11:36 PM They both are Printers and work way over time to pay our bills and have food on the table. Another thing with mom and dad always working over time and are never home,Except for Saturdays,and Sundays, Im ALLWAYYS in charge. My brother Xavior (Savior) is 12 and is in 6th grade and is struggling alot with school. My other brother,Jason ( Jay) is 9 and is finishing 3rd grade. Anthony,my twin brother,trys to keep my little brother Daniel (Danny,and OR, Dan) accupied and calmed down,I mean seriously,Danny is only in Kindergarden. I know its alot to remember,But its worth it

My favorite time of the school day is always 3rd period in High School. I LOVE it, My friend Charlie,is with me, and its Science class to,the only subject in school im good at. But I can share ANY secret with Charlie and she wont bother or tell anybody about the secret. She's mostly the only friend I have,except for that pudgy kid in Math class that talks to me very often,and smells like Rasins,Rodney. 12:30 Lunch I was in line for lunch until i saw the most gergous guy ive EVER seen in my entire life! He was sitting alone at a small round table with nothing to eat,just texting away with his Iphone His hair was black and was flipped,You know,like;Justin Biebers' hair when he was 16. The boy was pale with beautiful brown eyes and wore the most EXPENSIVE looking shoes, they were black with red shoe lases, and implanted with a gold design on each shoe,including a red DC sign on both shoes. The boy also was wearing a black shirt with the letters of the words saying "Im just nodding so you can get away" and wore black skinny jeans with a chain. Charlie would always say that was cute, but i would say Sexy,Beautiful,and HOT. "Hey there, chick" Charlie said behind me holding her tray. "Hey have you noticed that hunk of a guy over there?'' i said pointing at the mysterious boy. She tried to see what i was pointing at. "Oh yea! Thats Kendall he's a new kid I heard Mrs. Martin talking to him and showing him around She looked at me "Go talk to him! You could sooo have a chance!" I kinda gave her that look. She let her hands drift through my golden brown hair and patted my head. "You need to talk to guys more, honey! You need a boyfriend!" I rolled my eyes but with a smile "Let me get my food and I'll go talk to him" I said blushing.

My heart was beating so fast. I overlooked what i was wearing. Black shirt with hot pink writeing,Hot pink jeans, yeah im ONE attractive girl. I walked over to the table. There he was looking at me with his handsome face. He kinda stared at me. "Hey there." He said. "Hi..I heard your the new kid;Kendall right?" "Yea! And you are-?" "Katina...But call me Kat." "Kat...I like it." He said smileing I swear i was about to makeout with the dude he was sooo cute and sweet "Thanks,Kendal, Did you get transfered here?" "Yea from the snotty rich kid school,Wilhem High." "My dad went there!" I said "Cool!" He said I looked at him then my tray. "Im being so rude,Want some?" He laughed a little "No thanks." I felt stupid after that point. Why would the cutest guy ON Earth want some of my food? I thought to myself. "Well lunch is almost over..And 2cnd period is next..What class 'you in?" Kendall said. I kinda made a sick face. "Mrs. Martin." I said. He kinda smiled. "Me too." "Well sit at a desk behind me, OK? So i can lead you through the most BORING time of your life." I said smurking. "Trust me when someone i can bond with is there,Ill be fine" He said smileing. Awwww hes soo sweet! Charlie was right..When all those times shes told me those boring love quotes its all coming to me now. "If you want someone to like you,Like yourself first" was the first love quote that went through my head when i met Kendall.. Maybe it means something. Chapter 2 1:00 Math

With Kendall being the new kid he has to introduce himself in front of the whole class. Megan Tullan, the popular jerk, shes addicted to boys. One minute she makes out with her new boyfriend after like 15 seconds of the relation ship. Then she will push them to have sex after 3 hours of her new relationship. She's also had to take birth control over 6 times. Even though i hate her with all my guts i know alot about her cause i can tell someones future and their lifestyle. And of corse Megans a blonde with big boobs and the "sexy" body; i always hear the guys talking about messing her up..Stupid right? But still Megan was looking at Kendall and licking her lips. I wanted to punch her little pretty face and mess it up. He's mine and mine only,honey. I sat behind her and was about ready to pull her blonde hair out. Kendall then sat down, behind me. And while he passed Megan she looked at him;checking him out and smiled with her glossy lips. And the weirdest thing ha- ppend.When Kendall passed me, i smelt blood. Weird. After a hour of Math, Kendall got up from his seat and walked next to me. And of CORSE Megan,in her white mini skirt, she "accidentally" dropped her pencil and bent down withoutbending her legs showing her ass with the most stuck up pick-up line "Oops!". Kendall kinda stared. "Oh put your ass away, slut" I said. Kendall chuckled. "What did you call me?" Megan said. "Hey, dont look at me,im not the one who takes birth control." I said. Then I and Kendall walked out in the hallway see tones of kids running to their lockers and what-not. "Who is that Megan chick?" Kendall asked curiously. "A bitch..Why do you ask?" "Just wondering" he said. I and Kendall said our goodbyes and went to our seperate classes. When will he notice I like him? I thought to myself.

"So how'd it go with Kendall?" Charlie said bumping into me once i started walking to my car. Charlie then opened my passanger door and got in along with me. "He is like to freaking cute! Hes soo sweet as well! And FINALLY a guy who DOESNT like Megan!" i said very proud. "Oh my god am i hearing this right? He doesnt like MEGAN!? The Megan Tullan?!" "Yup doesnt like her!" I and charlie then talked for awhile how much we hate Megan. I then put the car keys in ignition and put the gear shift in DRIVE. I kinda just sat there for a minute thinking about the whole blood thing. "You OK?" Charlie said. "Well today in math when Kendall walked by me and i-" I paused for a second "Spit it out.." She said. "I smelt...Blood.." I said. She kinda just stared at me then looked out the window. "I dont know what to tell you kiddo..It might be a smell from his house or something?" Charlie said. "Well it was a really stong smell..." I said Charlie shrugged and looked out the window. Silence the rest of the drive to her house.

Chapter 3 Who is Kendall? The next day at school, Kendall walked out of his first class getting ready to goto lunch. I walked up to him,He was putting away books in his locker. He looked and me and smiled. "Hey there Kat, Whats up?" "Nothing .." I then looked away at the ground staring at my black converse. "You need to tell me something?" He said I looked at him. "Call me or text me when you can OK? We can be good friends." I handed him a tiny sheet of paper with my number on it. He looked at me then the paper and smiled.

I sat on the couch and waited for Kendall to call or text me. The school day was long and my legs and feet were tired. Anthony was trying to help Jay with his homework. My phone then vibrated 1 NEW MESSAGE FROM "mom" "Damnit." I said I then accepted the message Mind cooking dinner Kat? <!Yo Momma!>

"Wow... I already did SMART ASS..." I said putting my phone next to me. "Im telling MOMMY!" Danny said. "You only see her TWO times a week, thats why Grandma drives you and Jay to school every morning, You'll forget about it. So i wouldnt tell." I said. "Ooo! Someones EXTRA fiesty today!" Xavior said playing on his little PSP. "Whats the problem with you." Anthony asked staring at me. "Nothing that involves your ugly face." I said. "Wow ive heard better comebacks from a turkey sandwich,Get rid of the fucking addituted missy." It was silent for about 5 minutes. "Shes just mad cause her CRUSH, Kendall wont call her!" Xavior said. I then went over to him and jumped on him and slapped him accross the face. Xavior was laughing the whole time. "Wow i could imagine why he wouldnt call you.." Xavior said. I then punched him in his nose. He kinda gasped and pushed me off him. "Whoes laughing now?" I said "I freaking hate you!" He said running to his room. "Yea HATE YOU TO!" i said. "Ok seriously Kat hes in 6th grade and your in 12th so quit acting like such a kid." Anthony said. I just sat on the couch and didnt say a word. 8:00 PM "Can you get Jay and Danny to bed,Anthony?" I asked. "Fine,lazy" He said. Until 8:30 it was only Xavoir ,Anthony, and me in the room watching 'My Wife and Kids'. Until then I and Anothony were still up till 8:30 and Xavior was just crashed on the couch. My phone then vibrated 1 new message from Unknown Hey its kendall did you want to talk to me? Reply: Yea 2day in class you walked by me and i smellt blood..is there a reason? Sending message....Message sent

I watied for a reply...Anthony asked why i kept looking back at the phone when there wasent any text messages. 9:30

New message: I want to tell you but i cant...Can i tell you when i no you better?

Reply: Well i want to know soon please...

No new messages

I went into bed at 10:30 waiting for a reply from Kendall. I laid there,waiting and staring at my phone. Soon i fell asleep, but hwen i fell asleep i swear i felt Kendalls' company Chapter 4 . School again

Well today SUCKS already with Mr Dean. I hate reading and writeing class. Luckiley lunch is next. 11:46 AM Mr. Dean...Still I didnt pay attention in Mr. Deans class. I just wondered about Kendall,Alot. When he walked by me i smelt blood, and the smell of it was really strong. Vampire "Nahh" I mummbled to myself. "Vampires dont exsist." A girl named Kaashia leaned over. "Shush.." she said putting her finger up to her lip. I looked at her long and hard then just turned away.

12:30 Lunch I bought my lunch as always and sat with Kendall. "Hey Kat, whats up?" Kendall said smileing. "Nothing...Still no lunch?" I asked. "I dont eat much." He said strugging. "Oh then how do you survive?" He chuckled a little. "Alot of diffrent reasons,you can say." I put down my pizza down and looked at him with a smile. "What would you do if i watched you sleep at night?" He asked. I could tottally tell Kendall was very open with asking questions. "Uhm i dont know" I said chuckling a little "I'd be pretty freaked out though." I said blushing. "Ok, Just asking cause there was a girl who asked me the same question last year at Wilhem High." Hgrabe said. I looked at him and gave him that ''Wow'' look. It was akward for a whole 2 minutes till Charlie came by. "Hey Kat! Whoes that?" she asked trying to act all dumb acting like she didnt know a thing. "He's Kendall,My frie-" "Boyfriend?" Charlie interupted. Kendall then convered his mouth acting a little embarresd. I know i was. "Charlie, No hes not my BOYFRIEND he is just a FRIEND." I said putting pressure in my voice. "Yes, just friends." Kendall said. "Oh im so sorry guys! It was my mistake; but anyways im Charlie, Kats friend" She said smileing acting like nothing was wrong. I grabbed Charlies' hand and took her to a corner. I then crossed my arms at her and gave her that stare "What, Kat?" Charlie said. "Do you understand what you just did? You embarressed me in front of KENDALL! I didnt even tell you we were boyfriend and girlfriend! Which we AREN'T! But i want it to be true!" I said getting really angery inside. "Hey , Calm down Kat! I was seeing how'd he react!" Charlie said trying to act all inisint. "Well if you were so SMART and get straight A's every year then why didnt you TELL me you were doing that FIRST!?" She looked at me and paused. "Uhmmm....." She shrugged. "Sorry?" she said. "Its ok..I guess, but tell me before you emberass me. OK?" I said. She laughed a little. "I will...mother." Charlie said laughing and rolling her eyes.

Turns out Megan is STILL trying to flirt with Kendall. After lunch i walked into Mrs. Martins class, and of corse Megan is sitting in KENDALLS' desk in her black mini skirt and low flowy top, mostly showing her ....Parts; yikes. Kendall then walked into the class and went straight to his seat


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