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Personalities are a big part of us. It's what makes us unique!

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Personalities is what makes us unique. Everyone has a different personality. Some people may have somethings in common. Some don't. But this makes us special. We have different interests in different things. We get to learn from each other. We get to listen to what they have experienced to do a specific thing. For a example, bring a fearless person with a coward one. They will talk about how the coward one is scared to fight and experience in the wild while the fearless one isn't. They give more explainations on why they feel like this. There must be more than a reason. Don't say "Because I don't want to!" Yes I know I get those times also. But there's more to it. I would say somethings because I'm too scared to mess up. I was judged alot when I was growing up. My parents wanted me to eat alot because I was skinny. I tried and tried but no it didn't work. Anyways, back to the topic. Personalities are great. They make us special. They make us interesting. Ever heard of "Opposites Attract" well I strongly believe it. I believe it because I've seen many "smart" girls/boys dating "Jocks/Cheerleaders". It is actually cute in my point of view. Personalities are just a big thing. We were all born with a personality. Yeah it sounds weird but still. Babies will cry some don't. See that's a trait. Some babies are fragile and easily scared but others are not. It's just the way you act actually. The things that make up your personality is how you act,interests,friends you hang with, and your family. That's the big 4 that makes your personality. How you act is one of them because if someone gave you something adorable, you would react like "Oh my gosh I love it!" This makes you a friendly person. But when you think the gift is terrible you would say "Um thanks?" That will make you a rude person. See it's how you act that mind of puts it together. Interests are also very important because it kind of involves your acting. Your interests are things you love. If you love music, then you really want to be a musician. If you like art, you want to be an artist. Friends! Friends can change your interests and the way you act, so they could be a bad or good thing. If you have a terrible personality and this occured when you were hanging with your friends... Then they're a bad influence. If you had a terrible personality and your friends changed you then they're TRUE friends. They want the best of you. Family though, well most families have religion. Religion can make you not do specific things like people who don't believe in religion. So that kind of involves in your personality also. I think that's it! Thanks for reading this!



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