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Part Of You

By: Igorawr

Page 1, This is a Monologue about insanity and paranoia


Do you ever feel like everyone is right?
When they said you won’t make it?

Truth is they are right, they always are

And now you feel stupid, don’t you?


Ha, I bet you do, you should, you are stupid

You’re going to be a star? Dream on

You really make me laugh, you’re not going anywhere

Why don’t you just give up?


I mean who would watch you on TV?

I mean honestly you can’t even act

Your teachers know it, your family know it

And deep down you know it, don’t you?


And do you see them friends of yours?

They don’t even like you, why would they?

Now don’t you worry, because you will always have me?

Have I let you down yet?


No, I am always honest with you

I am always here to pick up the pieces aren’t I?

And even if you did get fed up with me

It’s not like you can get rid of me is it?


No, you can’t

And no amount of doctors or pills can either

Because at the end of the day

I will always be a part of you

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