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After Zoe was born, the family was stationed in Washington where I was born. Little Solana Kelly Forbes. I still remember that ugly house. Blue carpet, and I mean bright ass blue carpet, with sparkles on the ceiling. I know it sounds like an unbelievably repulsive style for a family home, but that's all we could afford at the time. I don't remember much about living in Washington though, as I was a baby at the time. I do remember getting our dogs Tippy and Tubby. No one knew what what kind of dog Tippy was. Father found her in a "free puppies" box outside of a liquor store while it was raining. No one in their right mind would just leave a puppy in the rain at night, so he took her home. Tubby on the other hand was a pug, boston terrier mix, quite an ugly dog if I had to say. But my grandmother went to go visit her family in Texas and came back with the damn thing, eventually, though, as ugly as he is, he grows on you. We had two cats as well. Charlie was stolen by the neighbors we thought were our friends, and our other cat was simply named Mama Kitty. I would like to assume the name speaks for itself but in case it doesn't, I can explain. Four litters in one summer and three litters the next, in other words, the name suited her. When I was well into a year old, we got the news that we were to be stationed in Fort Richardson, Alaska. My mother was nervous and to comfort her father bought her another cat, FooFoo. And thus began my first (and unfortunately, not my last) road trip. Mother, father, grandmother, Zoe and I only being one a two, a large dog, an ugly dog, and two cats- loose- as in not in a cage. Half of us in a two seated truck and the other half uncomfortably squished in a Jeep liberty. Not to mention we had trailers hooked on to each vehicle and had to move all of our furniture ourselves. When I started school, I made many friends in Alaska, but I had three main ones. Jamitri Johnston lived by the park across the sreet from my military apartment. George Angulo was my neighbor. Taj Marti was adopted from Africa into a military family and lived a few blocks away. All three of us were the best of friends since the first day I moved there. There wasn't one day we didn't hang out. In kindergarden our absolute favorite thing to do was build a fort in my basement and tell "scary" stories. In first grade our favorite things were Pokemon and sports. I guess I've alway been included as just one of the guys. But in second grade, everything changed. They say you're unlikely to remember most things from your young childhood. From I guess the day you're born to about nine. But my troubles started young, and I remember it like it was yesterday. Just a normal day walking home from school with my friends. Taj lived the farthest away so we dropped him off first and without thinking anything if it, the rest of us went home. Usually George would stay at my house after school, but today he went home. I walked in my house, into the living room and sat next to mother on the couch. We sat there for about an hour. She was watching the news and I was coloring in my book. Then I could hear the sirens going right past my house, mother held my ears as she sobbed. Everything went cold as I saw what was on the television screen. I ran to the phone and tried to call Taj, and of course the call didn't go through. Taj and the rest of his family besides his mom had died that normal day in a house fire after school. "I'm sorry to hear that." Don't be. Nothing was the same after that. Jamitri, George, and I were friends up to the end of second grade. Then summer came and what used to be wake up everyday and get my friends turned into wane up everyday and stare at the ceiling until you slowly cry yourself to sleep again. And I was only seven years old. I didn't know how to cope. Of course Jamitri and George wanted to stay my friends but I couldn't handle seeing then without Taj. So I made a new friend group and we all drifted apart. In the beginning of third grade I found out my mother was to have another baby. I saw it as something to look forward to. I told jamitri and George at school one day and they pretended to be happy for a minute but then just walked away. "So you guys weren't friends anymore?" Well things were complicated at that time. You know how third graders are when the opposite sex is supposed to have a disease with no cure known as 'coodies'. Basically, I found a female friend group and they made more make friends, simple as that.


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