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Popularity Rankings Chapter 1

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Kelsey is new to Southleaf Highschool, and she studied a lot to popularity. She wanted to be a barbie doll there, and she will transform View table of contents...



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Kelsey, thats me. I'm a new student in this strange school called Soutleaf Highschool, and i'm wondering if i will ever get the spotlight. surely i will get it, with my natural beauty with a little gloss, and my beautiful hair. I will totally rock the stage! My old bestfriends like to call me the 'Beauty Queen'

My Dad dropped me off to this new school, and i have to survive alone. But with my special instinct i could see which one is the popular and which one is NOT! Good thing i'm using these expensive look that popular girl dress like, and i curled my hair too. An innocent girl walked up to me suddenly.

" Hey there! You must be Kelsey the new student, I'm Linda. I will be showing you around " She smiled. I could see her beautiful golden hair and her cute white blouse and this typical pink short skirt.

" Hey there..." I smiled at her and sighed. " Great. I'm the new girl..." I looked down but then looked back at her with a soft smile.

" Yeah, don't worry. Good thing you have me. Because i can totally bring you up to the top of the rank" She said. she continued because it looks like i'm interested. " Those three hot girls over there wearing pink dresses" she pointed " those girls are the barbie dolls, they all have blonde hair like yours! that is why i want to help you be like them when you have the chance"

" Wow, ok. I guess i'll give it a try" I looked at her confused.

She told me everything, she told me about the geeks, nerds, nice people, hippies, dancers, and of course the jocks, cheerleaders, and other things... she even gave me a map to of cafeteria tables. where each table have their own type.

the bell rang and all student rushed inside their class, and we all gather in our homeroom. I found mine and full of relief that i'm not late. I sit next to Linda, i was surprised that she was in my class. i get to know people and stuff but i'm planning to see the popular barbies.they need my beauty in order to be a better and stronger barbie here.i thought to myself. As the bell rang i tried to walk pass these barbies. One of them stopped me suddenly.

" Hold! Who are you?" this girl looked at me. Linda told me there is always a leader, the smart one, and the dumb one. and guess who stopped me? the dumb one. " Are you a visitor?" she asked.

" Relax Ashley, she's a new student" i bet thats the leader " Hi there, I'm Jeniffer" She looked at me with a grin. " This is Ashley, and this is Lori" Jeniffer introduced her other friends. i found out that Ashley is the dumb one, Jeniffer the leader, and of course Alexa the smart girl. they all dress in pink dresses, luckily i was wearing a pink too, but with some expensive white coat. But Alexa she have a slight ginger hair.... she is the shortest in the barbie gang.

" And you are?" Alexa interupted the silence.

" I'm Kelsey, i'm obviously new here" i smiled and rolled my eyes at the same time

" Oh i see, are you busy after school?" Jeniffer asked

" No" i said directly with a bit of excitement

" Come hang out with us ;) " Ashley said

I'm delighted and we planned the time, and the mall, and yeah... so this is a fresh start of being the top of the rank. right now i'm not in the rank, i'm still an empty paper ready to be filled with glitter to be the highest rank.... one of the highest rank


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