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When I was Daddys little girl.

By: LifeOfABrokenGirl

Page 1, -Feelings and thoughts from a father and daughter tear apart, Father encloses he\'s relationship with his daughter and starts a new family of his own, with he\'s new little girl-


You said I was you're little girl.
Your angel, Your daylight And Hope.
Your words were like muscle.
You build them up, You'll never get hurt.
But getting hurt, exposed alot to me.
That's when I realise, the words You said was just a detraction.
Now I feel hopeless. 
Suffering from the pain of yesterday.
The pain of the rejection and depression.
I tried my best.
But my best is not enough.
I was willing to pick up from where I left off at.
Just with a various location.
I was Daddys little girl.
Now Daddys got a new precious princess now.
I implore that she get's the life, I never had.
Savor your life.

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