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The Fear Beneath The Smile

By: LoveLastForever

Page 1, I Have Listed This Under Poetry, Because It Is In A Form Of Expression. I Hope You All Enjoy, & Please, Leave Your Thought\'s On My Work. Thanks Loves♥ *Kiss Kiss* ~Love Last Forever ~

It's A Normal Routine,

I Walk Down The Hall,

There Stares Peirce My Skin,

Knowing They're Examining My Flaws,

I Put On A Smile,

Make It Look Like Im Okay,

I Finally Get Through The Door,

Im Away,

Tears Fall,

My Smile Fade's,

I Fall To My Knee's,

Im Weak,

I Scream,

I Shout,

I Let It Out,

All My Pain,

All My Problem's,

I Cry,

I Hit,

I Yell,

5 Minutes Pass,

Im Now Laying On The Ground,

I Have A Feeling Inside,

It's Releif,

I Smile,

But This Time,

Theres Something Different About It,

Its Real .. ♥

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