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Dear Life, I Wish

By: SavvyApple

Page 1, Dear Life, Be a Santa and accept my wish list? -SavvyApple

Dear Life,

I wish I had better grades.

I wish I could learn things easier than I do now.

I wish I would accept the help offered from friends.

I wish I hadn't pushed any friends away.

I wish I still had all the friends I had begun with.

I wish I were more grateful and have people recognize it.

I wish I had that one best friend that would never let go no matter what.

I wish I had no doubt in my mind about any of my friends, so that we'd stay together forever.

I wish I iddn't have doubts on love.

I wish I had that sibling that you can relate to perfectly, and yet still get into the stereotypical fights with.

I wish I could not have to worry about the future.

I wish the future would change to my liking.

I wish I could accept the future.

I wish the world were kinder.

I wish the world were perfect.

I wish there were less idiots.

I wish I weren't one of those idiots.

I wish unicorns existed.

I wish world hunger would stop.

I wish for everything to stop.

I wish I could go back in time and fix what I had broken, get back what I had lost.

I wish I could take on the world without any doubts.

I wish I were as awesome as some storybook characters.

I wish whatever I regretted would change.

I wish I could do whatever and be one of the best.

I wish I could bring along someone my entire life.

I wish I always had someone to show something too.

I wish I could be happier, one of the happiest, my entire life.

I wish I would understand the problems.

I wish I could understand them.

I wish I could understand Him.

I wish I could help everyone.

I wish I could help them.

I wish I could help.

I wish I could do that.

I wish I could talk to them.

I wish I could apologize to them.

I wish I could say something to them and mean it.

I wish I could never tell a single lie.

I wish I won't seem to greedy.

I wish these weren't pratically impossible wishes.

I wish my last wish most of all.

I wish I could actually do all of that stuff.

I wish no one got mad at me, or sad, or frustrated, with anyone.

I wish someone would ask me every once if I were okay, even if I didn't want their help.

I wish people understood why I did things.

I wish they understood everything.

I wish I could explain something and have it not make any sense and yet they were understand.

I wish things were easier.

I wish you were easier.



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