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Short story By: Sylvia Louise Ochieng
Personal finance

THIS is a story about a girl who left home at a young age to help her step-sister. And she lived her life alone, and was very lonley. She taught her self thing's that she needed to know. And while she went on she went on through life with other people's critism. She became somebody.

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When I was four year's old my step -sister asked me a question. The question she aked was very unusual,. And my reply to her question was your daddy is not my daddy, and your daddy does not do to me what he does to you. So, I told her that I would tell my mother about her question she had asked me, and see what she has to say. So' I told my mother what she had asked,. And she told me that we were liar's. So one day her daddy done to me what he does to her. And I told my step-sister about it. Her reply was', Let's go over to my house where my daddy can't get to use anymore. So they went over to her step-sister's house. And when they got there , her step-sister said, Let's go up the street, and she said okay, when they got up the street her step-sister was talking to these boy's she knew, and then she turned to her and said', . Go and do something with this boy and he will give a quater, and she replied', Why do I have to do this. And her step-sister said , because we need some money to get what we want and I have alreaky been up here and done this,. She replied', I didn't know that we needed money for anything, and why didn't you tell me this before we left my house I could have went and got some money out of my mother's purse. Her step-sister replied', I didn't think about that, so are you going to do it. She replied with the answer', YES, and how many time's do I have to do this. Her stepsister said, after we get done here we are going over to a couple more people's house to do the same thing. I, thought to myself, well if she say's that her daddy does this question she aked me, and we are not ther any more, what is she doing this for. So I done what my step-sister wanted me to do with the boy she was talking to, and over to the other people's house. After all of that , I found out that she was a liar, and that maybe her daddy wasn't doing those thing's to her , from the question she had asked me. So I decided to runawy from home to save my step-sister from her daddy, because she come's over on the weekend, and she does things at her house, that she said's her daddy do to her, when he doesn't even live with her he live's over to my house. I went on without love and respect from my family for year's until I was grown., And still today they look at me with no respect. But I got job's to take care of my step-sister, and took her money over to her house so she wouldn't have to do those thing's with those boy's that she knew, and went to go see for money. It just tore me up., I keep my self respectable fot myself and my step-sister. I educated myself with books that I have found on the street's, out of trash can's, and from other people letting me have one that they are not using. So even though I don't get respect from my family or my step-sister for me trying to help. I STILL AM SOMEBODY......


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