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Emoting Emotions Poetry Challenge (Entries)

Article By: AshleyRose

Here are the poetry entries and the voting rules of my poetry challenge

Submitted:Mar 3, 2012    Reads: 105    Comments: 19    Likes: 1   

Voting Rules:

1.) You can vote by putting the name of the person your voting for (no voting for yourself, sorry)

2.) Voting will only be accepted during April 30 - May 21

3.) Only 1 vote per day

4.) You will use the clock below to vote (You can vote every 1:00 - 24:00 but only once) so, when you already voted for the day, please wait until another 1:00 comes

Get this at widgia.com

And please remember that if you have any questions don't forget to ask, you can either contact me here, or email me at: s.a_rose@rocketmail.com


1st Prize: A fan Request, book covers for five of your works (your choice), a good feedback of 5 of your works, an advertising of you on my profile and an advertisement of your winning entry.

2nd Prize: A fan request, book covers for four of your works (your choice), a good feedback of 4 of your works and an advertising of your winning entry.

3rd Prize: A fan request, 3 book covers of your work (your choice) and a good feedback for 3 of your works.

4th Prize: A fan request, a book cover and an advertisement of one of you works (your choice).

Simple enough? Then let's get rolling! :)



Losing You - RingpopLove


The Mind Stike (Hate YOU to the Max) - Wu Lang


No Shoulder to Lean On - SmileValentine


Still The Most Beautiful Woman To Me - hyperforce


Angst - Ian Dawn


The Musician - Paulsleen


It was dark and sultry

The stars were bright

On that long hot summer night

You caressed my cheek

Bathed in moonlight

Your silhoutte holding me tight

Back then when it all felt so right

That long hot summer night

Then I realized that you were worth the fight

My love for you in plain sight

That wondrous summer night

I hoped that you would never let me go

Embraced forever in your hold

And someday we'd both grow old

But never should I forget

The things we said

On that long hot summer night

You told me you loved me

Was it true?

Did you feel my love for you?

We were close yet so far away

But only with you did I care to stay

Entangled, strangled, by a secret grace

Softly stroking your endearing face

So innocent

Just seventeen

I was never the beauty queen

But you did not care

I could have been worse for wear

Yet your heart, as good as gold

Excepted mine

So there we lay, under starry sky

The crickets singing in reply

I can still hear the faint tune of that Tom Petty song

And you and I humming along

Belting out the lyrics all wrong

You smiled

I melted

My heart so content

It leapt from my chest without my consent

I could feel you drawing closer..

Our lips touched

Oh, I love you so much

I know not it wasn't just a hunch

Oh, please take me back

Behind that old magnolia tree

Tell me you love me, set me free

Never for get the skin and perspiration of the 99.9 degree weather

And never telling my mother

Of the love we shared

And the fact that I cared

About that timeless, long hot summer night

-A poem by Author in Progress


Let It Be, Let Me Be - MAmberConrad


Until I Find You - weasleytwinlover18


Your Place In My Heart - Meradee


Nostalgia - Fantasy Writer


Lost In Silver - Serenity In Silence



Voting Status

RingpopLove - 0 vote

Wu Lang - 0 vote

SmileValentine - 0 vote

hyperforce - 0 vote

Ian Dawn -1 vote

Paulsleen - 0 vote

Author in Progress - 0 vote

MAmberConrad - 0 vote

weasleytwinlove18 - 0 vote

Meradee - 2 votes

Fantasy Writer - 0 vote

Serenity In Silence - 0 vote

Thanks for entering y'all :)

and competion ends 0.0

1st Place: Meradee

2nd Place: Ian Dawn

3rd Place: Unknown

4th Place: Unknown

Due to the circumstances 3rd and 4th places are put at hold


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