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The Color of The Wind

Book By: ArizonaFlame

What is life? Is death the end? 
Could death be the beginning of something wonderful? 
In this poetry collection, The Color of The Wind, the author battles colon cancer.  A window is opened into the next phase of life allowing the physical being to mingle with the soul. It creates a unique peek of the hereafter while providing comfort in a time of need. Death does not have to be a Grim Reaper. Death can be a celestial transition into a new realm, a new time and a new place. Know you have arrived when you can see the color of the wind.

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Purple Moon

I love rainy days.

Falling down on me

Wetting my face

Raindrop mystery

Strong, steady stream

Freshwater tears

Draining the sky

Of nightmares and fears

I love thunderstorms

Booming in the clouds

Lighting up the heavens

Boisterous and loud

Feeling the rumble

Stirring in my breast

An electric current

Beating in my chest

Winds breathing heavy

Picking up speed

Sparks gearing up

Pounding stampede

Sky full of life

Sustaining life too

Shining in her glory

Storm nearly through

She takes a final breath

Settles down for the night

Her fury all spent

She turns on the nightlights

One by one the stars the glow

Alongside a purple moon

A magnificent light show

Critters tucked in for the night

Little ones are too

I will listen to the wind

While dreaming under the moon

Silver And Pearls

Young and foolish Begged a little money Scarves and earrings Had something to eat Bought a few pretty things She was raising herself Now she had no money to bring Nickels and dimes Forced to pedal on the streets Nasty weather She had so little to eat What could she do? Where could she go? Stuck out there, so cold outside Fear and sorrow Awaiting her there Fists and hatred For not pulling her fare share Going against his command Failure to meet his demands Pain and shame Is all she ever knew Love and care She has never known Sold to a man at age 13 He needs knocked off His self-made thrown Cats and dogs Keeping her warm Bruises and blood Proof of her sins She's kicked out another night Anything is better than sleeping with him Silver and pearls Under a board, in the stall Horses and hay Secret treasure from her Ma Out in the barn, she's made to sleep Because she could, not pay to stay Hands and heart Clasping her treasure tight Moon and stars Providing some light Sweet dreams and some silver and pearls Are all she has in the entire world Hope and spirit He has not broken Sunshine and laughter When he is punished for his sin Life with freedom Will be her reward No longer will she be "owned" by him

The Color Of The Wind

Today I will make something beautiful that moves with the sky

I want it to be breathtaking, a sculpture from my eye

Something everyone can enjoy-from the tiniest bug-to the smallest boy

Color! An array of light which glow in a unique flashy burlesque show

The shades of the moon-try to capture its glow

The color of the wind on a bright sunny day

And the color of the wind-when its dark angry and won't go away

Focusing with the back of my mind, something will


Bursting out to shine!

Connecting the dots of a dream, color by number and tracing the lines

It is whimsical and free,with a beauty that cannot be defined

I will make it delicate and hardy,rigid and shapeless

Uniformed and straight, soft and boisterous

I will be as creative as I can be, planting my image so it can grow

I am making it for you, that you may look

Into the depth my soul

The birth of something new and grand,something to hold by the hand

Nurturing it-with the smooth voice and sensation-of a butterfly

First born naked and angry with a cry

It is to hold close to the heart ,it something unseen by the eye

But you don't care, you know it is there

For you can feel it as it moves with the sky

It is breathtaking


A sculpture from my eye

Waters Of Gold

Golden waters in my sight

Warm and inviting to bathe

As my clothes drop one by one

I see dolphin at play

Just at the horizon

They laugh and dally

Inviting me to come in

I laugh and dally in return

Eager to play with them

Together we play children's games

A glorious escape

From the everyday humdrum

A cherry on the cake

We begin to tire

We lay back to float

A wise old dolphin

Chats with me

As we drift into a cove

Times get tough for us all

As we explore life's pool

Sometimes straying a bit too far

We wind up acting the fool

Blinded by what we see

But not by who we are

I have been searching for something more

I've wondered a bit too far

A clown fish has been

Laughing at me

Mixing fresh water with salt

Wisdom is leading the way

A trickster was at fault

Bathe in the water of gold

A sea of mystery

The sun will shimmer

And the moon will glow

Listen to her needs


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