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A Journey Through DC Land

Book By: Joe Wocoski

A Journey Through DC Land - captures in these poems the essence of our times, and of the world known as Washington DC. Washington DC has an awe effect on tourists, visitors and new arrivals; all of them think that they are in "DC Land". They only see our nation’s capital as a magic kingdom containing only the White House, the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, and let us not forget all the wonderful museums of the Smithsonian. This magic kingdom is expected to be inhabited by all of the famous characters that are easily recognized from the nightly news: the President and all of the Democrat and Republican Senators, and the diplomats.In this book of poetry breaks through the surface of this image of our Nation’s Capital as a political amusement park inhabited by unreal characters. This book is split into five parts.

Part I is your arrival and initial simplistic view of DC Land with only a hint of what is below the surface.

Part II is your everyday commute to and from this wonderful world with all the rides available to you.

Part III is where you yourself become one of the many characters living and working in DC Land.

Part IV takes you deeper into the meaning of our Nation's Capitol, and questions the meaning of our very existence.

Part V was originally intended as the final chapter about those who really do exist on all our Main Streets; all just trying to make it through the day. Most of them not looked at or even worse ignored.

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A sample from"A Journey Through DC Land" for you to share with others, our world is getting far to small and we are all connected.

Living in the City

So you take the Bus. You take the Metro.

Or you walk a couple of miles. Taxi!

You meet a lot of people. Why?

It costs too much to keep a car.

Walk to the corner coffee shop.

Sit outside a restaurant in nice weather.

Stop, get coffee at one of the many shops,

Meet your friends, read a book.

That's living in the city for you.

You rent six months to a year

In old rarely new apartment buildings:

Art Deco, Gothic, Glass, or

Whatever style suits your fancy.

They all charge rent, that's the key.

Don't lock yourself out

Or they charge you heavy

To let you back in again.

That's living in the city for you.

Most parking is on the streets:

Two Hour Parking, or No Parking.

Horse Police or Bicycle Patrol:

Ticket! Ticket! Ticket! Ticket!

How many do you have now?

Fifty-four. You'd better pay them.

How do you get away with it?

Is that a Boot on your back tire?

That's living in the city for you.

Finally, found a space on Wisconsin

Better move it before rush hour.

Opps! There goes a Tow Truck.

I'm! Sorry! Was that your car?

Walk to the corner coffee shop.

Sit outside a restaurant in nice weather.

Stop get coffee at one of the many shops,

Meet your friends, read a book.

That's living in the city for you.

Above and Beyond the Dome

Above and beyond our Capitol's Dome

in the sky far too high to see,

the atmosphere thins

to where men cannot breath,

and their voices cannot be heard.

Above and beyond the green grass mall

ordinary men and women talk.

Their shoes and bare feet upon the earth.

Their heads turned up to gaze upon

the white capitol dome.

At the end of the green grass lawn

the dome fills the view.

It's steep steps reaching out to you,

beckoning your attendance this day.

Step up to the dome so far away.

Take the first step, then move even closer.

The sky is clear blue above the dome.

Not a cloud in the sky today.

Their voices are heard loud and clear,

direct or shrouded in rhetoric.

Below and beneath the rotunda

in the halls of Congress

where the atmosphere is thick and heavy

where men can breathe,

and their voices are heard.

Great decisions are made every day

by those we elect to lead our way.

The sun is now setting

the last rays of light snow fall

upon the halls under the dome.

Above and beyond our Capitol's Dome

in the night sky we can see

the stars shining brightly,

where no man has gone.

Then the Moon rises, and shines alone.

Living on the Streets

They are always there living on the streets.

Walk by them curled up in blanketed heaps

on heating ventilation grates in the cold.

In entrance ways to the Metro they lay.

Near corners and walls they make their beds

of ragged sleeping bags and shaggy rags.

Layer upon layer of clothes they wear

a handout is all they are looking for

from anyone anywhere.

Close your eyes and they are no longer there.

Close your mind to this peculiar dilemma.

Close your eyes to them everywhere.

A party on the patio of a swank hotel,

a beggar slowly moving on by.

a row of hedges separates him from you.

Sip your stemmed glass of Chablis wine.

Bite into your shallot quiche pie.

Listen to the string quartet.

The limo driver picks you up

to drive past those on the streets.

No Chablis wine for them today.

Leave the city, and drive away.

Take the beltway away from here

to four lane wide country roads.

They are not there, not just yet,

but in time they might be

coming soon to your neighborhood

Table of Contents

I. Welcome to DC Land 1

Preface / Welcome to DC Land 3

Here They Come! 4

The Real Washington Experience 5

The Long Walk Home 6

On Taking My Daughter to the National Zoo 7

We the People of the Mall 8

On Blue Tickets and Inaugurations 9

The Guardian of Us All 10

Cherry Blossoms and Inscriptions 11

II. Getting Around is Half the Fun 13

Getting Around is Half the Fun 15

Grand Central Station 16

I Dare You! Ride the Worm World Snake 17

The Blind Man on the Metro 18

Sleeping on the Metro 19

The Never Ending Flood 20

Dalmatian Spots 21

Just Like Sardines in a Tin 22

Not in Service 23

Shady Grove Geese 24

No Longer National Airport Interim Terminal 25

III. Living in the City 27

Living in the City 29

Little Old Lobby Ladies 30

The Unreliable Reliable Elevator 31

The Washer Woman from Hell 32

The Editor 33

Mickey's Burden 34

Bus Buddies 35

On Being Far Away From Home36

On Glass Skylights and Revolving doors 37

On Waiting in Line Forever 38

IV. Above and Beyond the Dome 39

Above and Beyond the Dome 41

Lightening Unleashed on Capitol Hill 42

The All Electric Force Field of Life 43

Rolling Thunder All Roaring By 45

High on a Hillside Named Arlington 46

The Midnight Train Ride Home 47

Waiting for Nightfall 48

Orthoceras the Souvenir of a Lifetime 49

The Rainbow Quilt on the Green Grass Mall 50

Tripods in the Shadows 51

Sunset on the Dome 52

V. Living on the Streets 53

Living on the Streets 55

The Street Musician 56

The Gargoyle on the Mall 57

The Ice Cream Peddlers 58

The Jogger, The Wallet, The Smiling Man 59

The Border Dispute 60

Mad Woman in the Street 61

Gotta Dolla? 62

He's Just Not There 63

The Invisible Secret Society 64

Epilogue 65

A Moment of Silence 67

Hope you enjoy my work, this book and my other books are available on www.Amazon.com and from other on-line retailers.


Joe Wocoski


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