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Mood Swings and Loud Music Presented in Shadows and Soft Light Vol. 2

Book By: JohnSams

My Poetry continued.

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Mood Swings and Loud Music,

Presented in shadows and soft light


John Sams

A Thousand Miles High

Life and Love in Outerspace

The Floating and Flying

The Simple Poetic Grace

Man and Woman Joined in Pleasure

In a Sensual, Sexual Embrace

Time Lord

Today and Yesterday

Tomorrow The Same

Running Together

In My Refrain

Deities and Demigods

Run In My Mind

Causing Psychosis

For Me All The Time

Gods and Goddesses

Run Through My Life

Causing Only Misery

And A Lot Of Strife

In This My World

Of Pain And Sorrow

You See Glimpses

Of This World's Tomorrow

Fantasy Land

La La Land,

A Land Of Dreams

And Fantasies.

A Land Of Golden Sunshine,

Glowing Fields

And Glistening Streams.

A Land Of Peace And Joy.

A Land Possessing Beauty.

A Land Containing You.


Your Name Is Mentioned

And My Heart Jumps

Your Picture Is Seen

And My Heart Screams

Your Voice Is Heard

And My Heart Sighs

Your Absence Is Recalled

And My Heart Falls

By The People. For The People.

Good Or Bad?

The Decision Is Not Mine.

Rather, It Is the Public's.

Let Them Judge.

It Is Their's As Much As Mine.

Let Them Be The Test.

To Decide - Worst Or Best?

Obsessive Dream

Each Night I Go To Sleep

And I Dream Of Many Things

But There Is One Constant Dream

A Dream Of You And I

Embraced In A Kiss

Mother And Child

Mother takes baby gently to breast

She feeds him and nurses him, caresses and cradles

Baby and mother together a pair

Inseparable, constant, always there

Together forever, never changing through the years

Relationships come and they may go

Mother and child go on and on as one

The Christmas Gift

The Birth of Jesus Christ

Holy Day That It Is Means Naught

Without Love, Kidness And Charity

Love Is That Which Comes From Heart

And That Which Comes Through Pain

Kindness Is That Which Comes From Self

And That Which Comes Through Sorrow

Charity Is That Which Comes From Soul

And That Which Comes Through Life


Let's Put An End To All This Nonsense

Let's Put An End To War

Both Sides Are Always Right

And The Winner Is Never Wrong

Once Upon A Time

A Time To Laugh

A Time To Cry

A Time To Smile

A Time To Sigh

A Time For Work

A Time For Play

A Time For Love

A Time For Hate

A Time Of Innocence

A Time Of Growing

A Time of Life

A Time Of Dying


Let The Angels Sing

Of Joy And Triumph

On This Night Of Nights

When Our Love Is Consummated

In Vows Of The Spirit

To Cherish One Another

For All Of Eternity

Accentuated Alliteration

Lightly Lying Little Lads

Slowly Saying Stupid Soliloquies

Terribly Telling Torrid Tales

Desperately Denying Determined Drowsiness

Failingly Fighting, Finally Falling

Soundly Sleeping, Sometimes Snoring

Deliciously Dreaming Daring Dramas

Cunningly Creating Clueless Comedies

Timelessly Traveling 'Til Tomorrow

Abruptly Awaking, Alighting Anew

Totally Taking Today Transformed

Live And Learn

Live and Learn

Through Life and Love

And Soon

So Very Soon

All Your Knowledge

Will Be Passed On

To Your Sons and Daughters

And All You Will Say Is

Live and Learn

Through Life and Love


Rain Beats Down

Fury Maddening

Drop By Drop

Ground Covered

Water Flows

Listen And Hear

Water As It Runs

Wind Blows Hard

Tempest Stirring

Current By Current

Atmosphere Disturbed

Wind Rushes

Listen And Hear

Wind As It Whistles

Time Speeds Forward

Earth Turning

Rotation By Rotation

Time Warped

Eternity Changes

Listen And Hear

Time As It Passes


A massive bulwark of steel

Plowing silently through the seas

Her guns at rest and at ready

To protect her homeland if need be

Subconscious Psychotic

Clashing and banging

Roaring aloud

Sounds of laughter

Tears of pain

Together in darkness

In the vast void

Forever known

As the brain

Sea Dreams

In The Evening

There Comes A Yearning

A Calling To The Sea

A Pull So Strong

It Controls The Heart

And Leaves The Mind Helpless

The Tide Rolls In

And The Call Begins

Gently, Silently

It Screams

The Tide Rolls Out

And With It Goes A Soul

Does It Matter

The blackest hour of life

comes as death approaches.

Death stalks souls of mortal man

in his deepest despair.

Suicide! Suicide!

The words eat at his mind and soul.

A knife, keen edged blade,

a slash to the wrist,

A hole in his gut;

a gun, a shot to the head;

Or a poison, slow but sure.

Each meritoriously deadly.

The choice of one

and then the execution by his own hand,

Or is it the hand of death

taking advantage of a heart in pain?

Does it matter?

Does it really matter,

he is dead just the same.


I Look Out The Window

And What I See

Are Trees And Sky,

Houses And Streets,

Snow Covered Fields,

And The Cars Standing Still.

Now Listen And Hear The Peace.

Journey Into A Disturbed Psyche

Evil Thoughts

To Guide The Night

Victim's Next Thought

Will Be His Last

My Thoughts

Will Forever Last

Infinitely Rambling

Words Of A Madman

Scribbled In Blood

On A Page Of Dirty White

Victim's Blood

Replaces His Own

Madman Can't Hurt Himself

So He Kills Again

Thirst Presently Sated

Becomes Unquenched Fire

After A Few Short Hours

The Next Victim Is Chosen

The Ritual Begins

Madman Begets Horror

Terror Reigns Supreme


In The Dawn Of Days

Nothing Is Said.

Stillness Echoes In The Silence.

In The Dust Of Years

Not Enough Has Been Said.

Silence Echoes In The Tears.

Heartbeats In Infinity

But One Way To This World Of Ours

To Live And Die Is All

Our Lives Mere Heartbeats In Time

Our Deaths Unnoticed, So Small

Mortality The Weakness Of Life

'Tis Our Greatest Treasure

After Years Of Living

You Find No More Pleasure

Body At Rest, Mind In Motion

Night Wind Blows

My Soul Stirs Deep Inside

Mind Released To Journey Far

On An Ancient Quest

Into The Depths Of My Inner Soul

To Explore The Hidden Meanings

To Unlock Closely Guarded Secrets

To Solve The Mystery That Is Me


Time For My Lover And Me

Time For The Love We Share

Time We Spend Together

Time Until Time's End


Dreams I've Had All Life Long

Disappear In One Swift Motion

My Life Has Changed From Fantasy

And Now Becomes Reality

From The Happiness

Into This Despair

My Life Now In Turmoil

The Path Lies In A Coil

Leading To A Place Below

Descending On A Stairway From Heaven

Last Of Us

The clock strikes twelve

As I sit alone in the darkness

Shadows listen as I ponder silently

The quiet tranquility of the stillness

Thoughts turn to past times

Remembering old acquaintances

Old friends and foes alike

Associates of life's circumstances

Sailing through the memories

Of my long departed youth

Experiencing the feelings again

Knowing the pain of loss anew

Warrior's Tale

And Into The Valley They Ride,

Their Armour Shining In The Sun,

Their Eyes Flashing With Confidence.

And Into The Fight They Charge,

Their Curses Slashing Through The Day,

Their Swords Striking With Vengeance.

And Into Heaven They Fly,

Their Bodies Lying In Their Blood,

Their Souls Crying With Pride.

Kicking Back

Screaming Guitars

Pounding Drums

Loving It All

Having Fun

Rocking Music

Rolling Songs

Sitting Back

Singing Along

Laying Down

Mellowing Out

Enjoying Life

Lounging About

Dream Of Love (Version 2)

Girl All I Want Is Just To Hold You

And Maybe To Be Held By You

I Want To Feel Your Body Pressed Closely To Mine

I Want To Taste The Sweetness Of Your Lips

To Turn My Simple Dreams Of Love Into Reality

To Have My Love Returned In Kind


Listen To Me And Hear My Story

The Time Of Life Has Ended

And My Time Has Come To Repent

My Soul Is Unremittingly Heavy

With Unfulfilled Possibilities

The Chances That I Chose To Ignore

The Battles That Were Won And Then Lost

Through My Selfish Desires

And My Fear Of Happiness

The Complete Happiness Spurned

For the Unholy Sadness

The Woman Left Blindly Behind

The Only Love Of My Life

Lost To Memory Through Selfishness

Lost To Touch Through Fear

My Heart Yearns As It Never Could

In The Time Of My Living

Love Scene

Tropical Sunset

Midnight Stroll

Warm Fire

On The Beach

With You


Lovely Lovely Lovely

The Whole World Is Lovely

Lovely Are The Trees

Lovely Is The Grass

The Birds That Soar

And The Rabbits Who Burrough

Lovely Is The Running Water

And The Whistling Breeze

Lovely Are The People

Who All Live In Harmony

All These Things Are Lovely

But Most Lovely Is The Peace


No Love Or Sorrow

No Joy Or Shame

Only Tomorrow

Today Is Just A Game

Your Expressions

Safe And Sound

Life Of Emotions

Tied And Bound

After The Draught

Parched Earth Drinks Deep,

Cool Drops Of Soaking Rain.

Wasted Land Feels Deep,

New Signs Of Growing Life.

Replenished Soil Grows Deep,

Full Stores Of Nurturing Seed.

Young Trees Sprout Deep,

Long Roots Of Meandering Vein.

Serenity's Rape

In Music I Find

I've Lost My Mind

Troubles Gone

Not For Long

End Of Tape

Serenity's Rape

Dark And Light

From Dark of Night

To Light Of Day

My Way Is Clear

My Path Is Sane

In Control Of All I See

My Life in Total Harmony

From Light Of Night

To Dark Of Day

My Way Unclear

My Path Insane

Control Is All Illusion

My Life In Mass Confusion

From Light To Dark

And Night To Day

My Way Unsure

My Path Unstable

Control is Nonexistent

My Life In Constant Development


The Lion's Den Is Warm At Night

While He Lays Waiting For a Fight

The Tension Grows

Until Heaven Knows

The Battle's Won

And The Loser's Hung

The Angry Storm

The Sky Grows Angry

The Rain Begins To Fall

The Wind Blows Hard

Drops Of Water Sting Your Face

You Run For Shelter

The Lightning Cracks The Sky

The Thunder Roars Loud

The Earth Trembles

Rolling Noise Rings In Your Ears

You Hold Your Head

The Sky Grows Black

The Bombs Begin To Fall

The Smoke Moves Gently

Pieces Of Shrapnel Sting Your Face

You Run For Your Life

The Fires Light The Sky

The Explosion Splits The Night

The Earth Rocks

People's Screams Ring In Your Ears

You Hide Your Head

The Sky Grows Thick

The Bullets Begin To Fly

The Air Whistles Maddeningly

Projectiles Of Iron Hit Your Chest

You Pray For Your Soul


From Long Ago, In Days Of Old,

Before The Time Of Mortal Man,

Are Secrets We Should Not Have Known.

It Is Catastrophic That We Do.

For In Opening The Hidden Door,

We Release The Power Of Darkness.

In Centuries Past, Eons Ago,

Too Many Lives Were Ruled By Evil.

A Single Man Sent By God

To Turn The Tide To Good.

The Quest Was Hard And Bravely Fought

And In Good Time Was Rightly Won.

Peace And Prosperity For A Thousand Years

Have Been The World's Way.

Now A Single Man Sent By Satan

To Turn The Tide Again To Evil.

Mortal Man Unleashed Ancient Secrets

And The World Once Again Is Black.

What Was Once Accomplished With The Help Of One,

Now Must Be Accomplished By All Mankind.

The Last Of The Ancient Secrets Must Be Revealed

And No One Man Can Falter In His Duty.

Or The Human Race Will Die,

Following The Course Of Our Immortal Ancestors.

Know Now Ye Mortal Men,

The Price For Peace Is High.

Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself,

That Is The Price To Pay.

Embrace All Races, Colors, Creeds And Religions,

And Do Not Shun Those Who Are Different.

Beware Of Loves Born Of Evil,

Greed And Jealousy Are Two.

Petty Pride Is The Greatest Though

And Must Not Be Let To Rise.

Only The Love Within Your Heart

Can Alter Our Current Destiny.

Let Your Love Be Genuine And Honest,

For This Is From Your Ancient Immortal Soul,

And Evil Will Not Prevail.

We Must Stand As One Against Satan And His Minions,

With No One Leading And No One Following,

For Pure Love Conquers All.

Nuclear Dreams

Brigh Light

In Dark Night.

Dark Days

Lack Light Rays.

Slow Death

From Bomb's Breath.

When You Are… Then…

When You Are Most Susceptible It Will Grow

When You Are Least Suspecting It Will Intrude

When You Are Least Aware It Will Strike

When You Are Most Depressed It Will Destroy

Then You Will Know That Which Is Happiness

So Goes Our Love

In My Mind I See

Visions Of Pain And Misery

My Life's Downfall

At The End Of It All

Forward This Trend

To Our Love's End


Wiley Wanton Wolves

Observing Ominously

Lively Little Lambs

Playing Provocatively

In Fallow Fields Of Alfalfa

Preparing Patiently To Pounce

And Tear Tender Treats

To Appease Ample Appetites


Sleep Please Take Me

Close My Eyes

Let Me Rest

For All Eternity

The Village Idiot

The Village Idiot Drowns His Sorrows

In Grand Fantasies

A Make Believe World Where He Is King

And The King Is A Fool

And All His Subjects Are Clowns

Slowly The World Turns

Moving Into His Sphere

Reality Is What He Makes It

And The Whole World Joins Him

In His Realm Of Fairytales

Everyone Plays A Part

Beauty Queens Vying For His Body

Holy Men Vying For His Soul

He Plays The Dashing Hero

And He Plays The Thoughtful Ruler

Slowly He Withdraws From Life

Preferring This New Dimension

Here He Is Everything

That In Reality He Is Not

To Feel


To speak it is simple

To feel it is wonderful

To know it is happiness

The Coming Of Spring

The flakes fall gently on the lawn

The field is slowly covered

The grass goes into hibernation

It sleeps until the spring comes

The thaw awakens more than the grass

The spring brings new life to the world

Flowers grow, hibernators awaken, and birds return

Today we rejoice in the coming of spring


Lost In Time

My Heart And Soul

Sing Out In Rhyme

For Death, My Goal

Love Is Lost

Friends, A Rarity

Life Is The Cost

Of Immortality

Life And Death

Less Than Life

But More Than Death

I Realize The Truth

With My Last Breath

Life So Unfulfilled

As To Be Death's Twin

Never Allowing Life

To Ever Really Begin

Little Effort Afforded

To Make Life Joyous

Feelings Deep Inside

Which Leave Life Porous

Letting This Shyness

Completely Devour My Soul

Fear Of Such Dimension

It Leaves Me Cold

Fear Of The Unknown

And Of Failing

Leaving My Life

Untouched And Staling

Closing My Heart

To Love And Hate

Wishing The Hurt

Would Dissipate

Never Truly Knowing

Right Or Wrong

Wandering Through Life

Alone, So Long

Lifting, Falling

Confused Emotions

Wanting Truth

Finding Illusions

This Was My Life

When Fate Was Sealed

This Was My Death

When Wounds Are Healed


In The Beginning, But A Babe Was I

Young And Eager To Learn

Innocent To The Ways Of The World

You Entered My Life And Secrets You Imparted

Experiences You Shared

In The Middle, But A Man Was I

Masculine And Strong

Knowledgable In The Ways Of Life

You Accented My Life And Love You Gave

Life We Shared

In The End, But A Wretch Was I

Torn And Beaten

Wise To The Ways Of Pain

You Left My Life And All Dreams You Shattered

Nothing More We Shared


Lighting Flashing

Sparks The Thunder On

Higher Climbs Intensity

To Reaches Yet Unattained

Soaring Anger

Growing Ever Sharper

Spirals Upward

Beyond Flights Of Imagination


Listless Lights Upon The Dawn

World So Lost And Forlorn

Under Dead, Dark Red Moon

Human Spirit Beaten And Worn

Living, Dying, People Crying

Families Wretched And Torn

Parents, Unhappily So

Give Life To Newly Born

Dark Clouds Gather Over The Rainbow

Wiping The Colors Away

Turn The World To Gray And Black

Nighttime Becomes The Day

People Cry For Their Gods

The Gods Laugh As They Play

Silence Grows Louder And Louder Again

Then, There Is Nothing To Say

The Reaper Vents His Wrath

Leaves Death And Destruction Behind

Sows Sweet Fields Of Youth

People Lose Their Minds

He Watches Them Suffer

The Deaf, The Dumb, And The Blind

Too Late For Asking Now

Is There Any Hope For Mankind


Colorful Shimmering Visions

On Backdrops Of Violet And Orange

Swirling, Turning In Rage

A Blue Haze Masks The Fear

As Shadows Flicker On Alternating Faces

Painted In White, Black, Yellow And Red

Spiraling Inward To A Point Of Gray

Love Note

You Are Beautiful

From Your Delicious Smile

To The Gleam In Your Eye

From Your Soothing Tone

To Your Gentle Laughter

You Are Everything Wonderful

You Are The Sun, The Moon

Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall

You Are Sister To Eternity

You Are My Fantasy

You Are My Everything

You Are Life Itself

Philosophical Reality

Beyond The Gray And Dark Blue Moon

Waters Rush From Great Red Falls

They Whisper Answers To Troubled Questions

And Carry Forth Brave New Thoughts


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