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Mood Swings and Loud Music Presented in Shadows and Soft Light Vol. 3

Book By: JohnSams

My Poetry Continued.

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Mood Swings and Loud Music,

Presented in shadows and soft light


John Sams

Trails Of Conscience

Trails Of Conscience

Lead Me Here

To This Hated

Ugly Despair

Yesterday's Joy

Seems But A Dream

Today's Pain

A Harsh Reality

Pain Is In The Mind

Not In The Heart

Imagination's All It Is

Tomorrow We Find Truth

The Dark Path

Into The Folds Of Darkness Fall

Those Triumphs Gained In Treachery

Revenge So Swiftly Gained

On He Who Lives So Darkly

Darkness Encompasses Thy Life

Evil Life For All Eternity


Look to the sky

And inwardly soar.

Reach for the outer limits

And find heaven.

Sing with the angels

And try to touch God.

Feel truly loved

And know the joy of life.

Begin Again

Sun breaks gently from slumber

And a new day arises.

Time to begin a new life

And forget the problems of the old.

Youthful idealism crumbled into reality

And life lost it's virginity.

Now comes the time for understanding

And the chance for a new tomorrow.

Screams And Tears

Little Baby, Little Darling

Their screams running in the Night.

Oh, the Night.

Little Mother, Little Child

Their tears running in the Day.

Oh, the Night.

Big Thunder, Big Explosion

Their screams running in the Night.

Oh, the Night.

Dark Clouds, Dark Days

Their tears running in the Day.

Oh, the Night.

In The End

Yesterday I Saw

Today I Heard

Tomorrow I Tell

In The End I Know

Shadows Echo Forever

Memories run deep

Of the time and the place.

Pain stabbing sharp

At the wounds and the scars.

Slashing through the night

Into the dreams and the mind.

Seeping through the day

Into the reality and the life.

Shadows Echo forever

On the wind and the rain.

Mind conscious forever

Of the pain and the anguish.

Striking through the darkness

At the brain and the sanity.

Destroying in the light

Of the past and the present.

Written words tell stories

Of the days and the nights.

Unspoken words invite souls

To the heavens and the hells.

Conquering through sorrows

Of the present and the future.

Vanquishing through lies

Of the man and the soul.


I Cannot Measure

The Love I Feel

The Desire In My Heart

The Need To Hold You


Missing Those Left Behind

Remembering Many Good Times

I've Had Back Home

Wishing I Were There

Envisioning Those I'll Meet

Contemplating Many Good Time

I'll Have At Home

Wishing I Were There

Seeing Those I Know

Enjoying Many Good Times

I'm Having Right Now

Knowing I Am Here

Nature Of Man

In The Mists Of Time

Shadows Before My Eyes

Dance About In Mystery

The Secrets Of Mortal Men

History Of The World

Shrouded In Darkness

Knowledge We'll Never Possess

Through Ages Into Eternity

Just An Emotion

It is Not Your Beauty,

There are Others More Handsome.

It is Not Your Personality,

There are Others with Better Disposition.

It is Not Your Laughter,

There are Others More Pleasant.

It is Not Your Touch,

There are Others More Soft.

It is Not Others I Need,

There is Only You I Love.

Once Upon A Day

Open Eyes To Light Of Dawn

Watch The Sun Rise And Peak

See It Fall As Sunset Comes

Witness The Night Sky Fill With Stars

Shut Eyes Against The Moonlight

Sleep Well Before Tomorrow's Dawn


He sits staring into space

At an infinite point of curiosity

Opening a hole in the universe

Taking him galaxies away

Showing him wonders no one else has seen

Hurtling forward and backward through time

Seems in the fabric of reality

Stealing his curious conscious mind

Mesmerizing his naïve hungry unconscious

Offering incredible knowledge

Secrets to undreamed of worlds

Revealing the mysteries of life itself.

Lover's Holiday

Lover's Holiday, A Toast To Us.

We Drink Deeply Passion's Desire

And Slowly Unwrap Our Personal Gifts.

Coming Together In A Loving Embrace,

Our Lips Meeting And Telling Of Amorous Fire.

Becoming One As We Reach A Crescendo,

Ending At Pleasure's Holy State Of Grace.

The Deep

Rolling, Endless, Deep And Dark

Home To Myths And Fantasies

And Undreamed Realities

Plunging To Unreached Destinies

Wide Mysterious Ocean

Kingdom Of Calm And Fury

Ruled By The Emotional

Great Neptunus Rex.

Giving Rise To Tales Of Creatures

Tales Of Living Winds And Waters

Lacking A Knowledge Of Everything

Our Imagination Is Allowed Free

Other Realities

Through High Valleys and Onto Low Peaks

Thoughts and Emotions Collide with Reality

Thunderous Results as Plates of Subconscious Shift

Throwing Sanity and Stability Into a Deep Rift

There to Linger Until Reality Can Come to Reason

The Lovers

Through the ages

We have been lovers

From Anthony and Cleopatra

Samson and Delilah

Romeo and Juliet

To Bogey and Bacall

John and Jackie

Charles and Diana

When lovers meet

And fall in love

We are there

Our love will spread

Through eternity

And then beyond

Lovers of destiny

Destined for happiness

Despite the plans of fate

Opposite Spectrums

Heart and Soul,

Love and Life.

Pain and Sorrow,

Hate and Death.


Shortly now, I die.

In the coming of death

I see at last my release.

My life has not been

Of any circumstance or worth

And my death

Can only be the salvation

That my soul has sought

For many years to reach.

Sweet salvation move quickly

And let me feel sorrow never again.

Sweet salvation

Show me the light to beyond,

Show me the way to final release.

Adieu, adieu…

Intimate Secrets

Night Brings Secrets

Of Body And Mind

Born From Love and Dreams

Released By Intimate Passions

Wishing On A Star

To Be A Man

Of Riches And Wealth

To Never Know

The Sorrows And Pains

Of Poverty

To Be A Man

Of Health And Hapiness

To Never Know

The Various Sufferings

Of Illness

To Be A Man

Of Wisdom And Intelligence

To Never Know

The Complete Helplessness

Of Naiveté

To Be A Man

Of Integrity And Solemnity

To Never Know

The Overwhelming Guilt

Of Treachery

To Be A Man

Of Fortitude and Strength

To Never Know

The Dependent Need

Of Wishing On A Star

A Thought

Night is the Shade of Day

And Death is the Absolution of Life.

Love Eternal

This is the zenith

The height of love

The clouds below

And only heaven above

We were way too young

And love won't last, they said

Now many years later

We're more in love instead

Holding each other

Throughout the night

Our souls entwined

In the daylight

'Till death do us part

Is too short for us

Our love cannot die

Though our bodies must

Soulmates in the hereafter

I will know you

And you will know me

Even when our bodies are new

Femme Fatale

Wretched And Broken,

His Spirit In Tatters,

The Man's Future

Lay Shattered

Beneath Her Icy Speech.

Her Hard Coolness,

Her Calm Calculated Laugh,

They Told Him

He Had Been

But Never Would Be Again

The Company Man

Self Adjusting Silly Fop

Sitting In An Office Chair

Posing Importantly

While Playing Impertinently

At Games of Solitaire

His Status At The Company

Was Long Ago Forgotten

Though When In Doubt

His Tenure Is Assumed To Be

As Old As Dirt Itself

He Keeps Papers Piled High

In Neat Stacks Upon His Desk

Moving Them At Intervals In The Day

So No One Really Suspects

That He's Outstayed His Usefulness

His Pending Retirement Is Assured

His Gray Hair Must Make It So

Though No One Knows He Retired

Several Long Years Ago

And Now He Just Goes Through The Motions


Outer Limits

Of Man's Existence

Into A Child's Drinking Cup

May The Entire Content Flow

Though Nothing Remain Behind

In A Desolate Universe

Inside The Mind To Wander

Indefinite Into Infinity

Part Of Me

How do I Live Without You

How Do I Let Go Of Your Memory

How Do I Survive The Tragedy

When You Are No Longer Here

I Didn't Know It Was Forever

I Didn't Say I Loved You

I Didn't Know We Were Out Of Time

When We Kissed Goodbye

I Can Still Hear Your Voice

I Can Still Feel Your Touch

I Can Still See Your Face

When I Turn Over In Our Bed

You're Not Gone In My Heart

You're Not Gone In My Soul

You're Not Gone In My Mind

When I See You In Our Son's Face

I Will Live For You And Him

I Will Survive Somehow

I Will Never Forget You

When You Are Still Part Of Me

The Art Of Poetry

Give Me A Clean White Sheet

A Blank Canvass For My Thoughts

Hand Me A New Full Pen

A Vessel For My Soul And Heart

Sit Me In A Comfortable Chair

A Receptacle For My Limp Body

Allow Me A Quiet Uninterrupted Interval

A Blank Mind To Feel The Moment

Burned Meat And Stale Beer

Burned meat and stale beer

A perfect combination for the mood I'm in

Lazy and movin' slow

It's a weekend afternoon

After the night that followed

The morning that I lost you

And all I can seem to feel is relief

I tried to love you,

But you made it harder every day

Cheating, lying and pissing me off

The weeklong business trips

With the studs in the office

The weekend days in the office

With the honeys in the secretarial pool

Equal opportunity screwing

With everyone but me

Beatin' my own meat waitin' on you

A constant state of betrayal

Taking it's toll on my heart

Left me depressed and hating life

Looking for a permanent solution

You just laughed

And called me weak and pathetic

Grinding me beneath your heel

Friday morning you came home

Friday afternoon you left

I tried to drown my misery

In Michelob and grilled steak

I burned the meat

And then passed out

Dreamin' nightmares of you

Now it's Sunday afternoon

And my Cowboys are a mess

I'm left to ponder life

Eatin' burned meat, drinkin' stale beer

Lover's Promise

Dear Lady Fair As I Learn Your Every Wish

It Shall Become My Greatest Desire

I Shall Give You Diamonds

I Shall Give You Pearls

You Shall Have The Sweetest Chocolates

You Shall Have The Brightest Roses

I Will Wrap You In Silks

I Will Set You Up In A Palace

I Shall Carress Your Body

I Shall Kiss Your Lips

And My Heart Shall Be Forever Yours

Long Distance Love affair

Hannah Jane sat alone

Her thoughts drifted

Carrying on the waves

To here and there

She thought of him

And of their time together

Memories lingering long

On his soft caresses

She could feel him

As their lips met

Memories strongly felt

Of his tight, warm embrace

Jaycee across the miles

Felt her body press to his

Feeling her every thought

And silent pledge of love

Too long they have been apart

Separated by cirmustances

Tomorrow they will be joined

And forever live as one


She thought she thought for herself,

But in reality, her thoughts were his thoughts,

Her identity created and mandated by him.

Now there is nothing of her and everything of him.

But, now he is gone and with him goes her.

She is lost in the world, looking for guidance,

Needing another to think and make decisions for her.

She stands naked at the mirror and thinks it odd,

She sees nothing she can truly identify as her.


Held in suspension between reality and fantasy

Somewhere in the early moments of dawn

Holding on to the dreams of the subconscious

Slowly giving in to the call of the conscious world

Do you know the difference between the two worlds

Soft light and shadows playing against a faded backdrop

A full bright palette of blazing color in bright sunlight

The difference of a Van Gough and a crushed velvet Elvis

Your perspective is all the difference between the two

Do you dread the call of your conscious mind

Do your dreams measure up to waking day

Your perspective tells the tale of your reality and fantasy

Why Are We So Wrong Now?

Yesterday seems like ages ago

You told me you had changed

And that I hadn't

So you had to leave

If we were so right back then

Why are we so wrong now

You said the first sign it was over

Came when I didn't remember your birthday

But you never gave me a chance

I had that evening planned

It was going to be a wonderful surprise

When I got home the locks were changed

And my clothes were on the lawn

You said the second thing

Was when I didn't want children

When we met I told you I was too old for that

I didn't want a teenager at fifty

When I wouldn't have the patience for it

You heard the ticking of your body's clock

And suddenly I didn't understand you

If we were so right back then

Why are we so wrong now

You said the final straw came

When I wasn't even looking

You told me you had met someone else

And that he remembered everything about you

He said he wanted lots of kids with you

And that he swept you away

I remember when I was everything to you

And you were the sum total of my life

If we were so right back then

Why are we so wrong now


You are my faith in life

The one thing I cannot do without

With you I can move mountains

Or change the river's course

You make me whole

You are my sustenance

And I will always need you

Like the air I breathe

Like the water I drink

And like the food I eat.

You are the fabric of reality

And you are my focus

When I stray to far to fantasy

You pull me back

And you balance me

I promised you that I would

Love you forever

And I truly shall

For without you

My life cannot endure


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