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Dear Mr Ego

By: HopelesslyDevotedxx

Page 1, Something i wrote in a ICT lesson xx

Dear Mr Ego,

Now I wonder if this has ever been brought to your attention before, But, Do you undestand how idiotic you actually are?

You sit and smile and act like your everything, that the world even revolves around you, however it doesn't. I saw you earlier smiling at me and acting like everything was perfectly alright. Like we'd never met, like we'd never had been together. I remmeber all the times that you used to tell me how much you loved me, How much I meant to you.

Did that mean anything to you?

I can sympathize with you, I can sit and understand, read books about our situation and how we can make it through this. I could be the shoulder that you cry on and the only person that you can trust in the world.

You can't do any of these things though, you don't even have a heart to even start to love someone. You only have enough time and effort for yourself.




Thats what's getting in the way of us being somethign brilliant and amazing, something that could be so much more than either of us has ever imagined, that we ever could imagine.


You left me, and my heart left you.


So for now I guess its goodby




What we could have been

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