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Juice and Rind

By: Massi

Page 1, twisted thoughts on relationships


You know what I want.

You know it well.

I just want to use you.

I want to cannibalize you in every way I can.

I will recycle you if I have to.

I need you physically, mentally and emotionally.



After I get what I want I will simply rid myself of you.

Depending on whatever is left of you,

I might put you up for sale.

I simply lie and pretend to be civilized.

Whatever others say, attraction is made up.

I simply think it's a way to behave.

Sheer manipulation is real and conscience is an excuse for such act.


I will manipulate you for my own end.

If you get ahead of the game I will simply feed off on someone else.

After all being human is an excuse for your primal tendencies.

I'll take my selective amnesia pill for precaution.

This way if you find me, I'll have no trace of you in me.

What's not to like, free loaders are abound everywhere.


A pound of flesh is cheaper than a heinous crime.

Collect and select is what I live for.

You seem delectable... is it my fault?

I'll make it look like an accident.

After all if there is no juice to squeeze, I'll use the rind.

I make use of what I find and it makes me resourceful.


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