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Miscellaneous By: Mezquiteno

This is something I felt I had to write. It's about dictators and how we allow them to rule.

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How can A man rule such a big nation? He is only a man,
no stronger than many of us. How can one mortal being have
such power? He doesn't. We unknowingly give it to him
through fear and doubt. Sure, he has an army and weapons, but
if the nation he rules unites againts him they are an even
greater army. This is common sense yet dictators seem to rise
up over and over. Think about it for a moment. In the animal
kingdom the dominant male usually rules due to his dominant
physical strength. Sure, we are not animals, but we aren't that
different from them either. Does one man hold more strength than
a whole nation? We measure success based on intelligence, not
physical strength. But are dictators intelligent? Are they more
witty than most of us? Of course not! They rule not by intelligence,
but by fear. The nation is reluctant to make a stand due to their fear.
If one man makes a stand, he will most likely die. If a whole nation
makes the stand with him, they will live. I wrote this piece thinking
of all the pain and suffering powerful men have inflicted on others'
not by physical strength or by intelligence, but by fear. We have
common sense for a reason. Let's use it once in a while. We make up
our countries. The dictators or powerful people are only a small
percentage. If we don't like something going on with our nation,
let's unite and change it. It's that simple. We are blessed with
an intelligence which no other species on this planet posseses, yet
we make the dumbest decisions. We choose to let another rule us and
tell us how we are going to live. Common sense is a great weapon, use
it. Even as I write this I am baffled by the power we give simple
mortals to rule over us. They are no better than any of us. Their
DNA is the same as ours or even inferior. What makes them different?
The difference is that most of them are evil and will do anything to
get power. That's the real difference. They are greedy to the core.
How do we let such people rule us? Use your common sense people. It's
their for a reason.


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