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Day 1: Questions For Waiting Answers

Miscellaneous By: MinkusBGrey

It is just a way of my perception to be written down through this page. My Mana Sama Admiration and the worlds point of view that are through my eyes and my eyes only.

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I want to to be mana. I want to look like mana. Where dark make up and powder my complexion. Being dark skinned and goth, is this a good combination? Being dark skinned and doing lolita, is this a good combination? I want to be skinny to the point where you cannot distinguish my shape, my sex. I want to do androgyny. Be female then male and male then female. I want to be silent like mana. Look like a goddess. Feel and resemble a staute. Made to be praised and bowed down to. But can I with such unsharpened features? Can I be an ugly duckling prone to become a swan. To be a toad kissed by a princess and turn into a prince. To bleach is to tan and vice versa. To feel like the final episode from asking alexandria and loudly pronouce the meanings behind crawling by linkin park. To be kurt cobain and smell like team spirit and be suicidal with a shot gun blow to the head. I'm no fan to the black veil brides as they seem to want to imitate kiss but knives and pens are emo qualified as a child of darkness gets bullied by the typical norm. Preps, Punks, Geeks, Nerds, Jocks, Cheerleaders, Rebels, Misfits, Goths, Prom Queens, Etc....list goes on. Such a list with deragotory reasonings. To look and judge. To read a book and not know the cover and to look at the cover and intentionally not read the book, what is unfair? I write for infinity miles, time periods. I travel with my hands across this paper. I'll critize jeffree star for wanting vanity like lady gaga with her born this way. High doubt for this song since the message is coming across as acceptance but who has wrote these lyrics doesn't play into such bullshit. False music coming out of steres, radios from every part of this erupting destruction. Back to mana, my silent listener, my shadowed figure from daytime to night, maybe I should replicate and never speak. Never strive to please or fill myself with the societal image that drives me to be derranged. Maybe this repetitive walk was a short distance. Maybe it was a maze you couldn't escape because you were never mathimatically correct. Maybe you created too omnious of characters that even you could never read. There was a puzzle piece already missing, already out of the box that hindered you from finishing the picture that was suppose to be perfect. I'd be headstrong like trapt and take on anyone. Be blood on the dance floor and feel like I'm a monster. I should just be like garrett ecstasy and have big holes in my ears, gaps the size of soda cans. Not like mana but stress gackt for his running vibrato. I'd look like johnny depp in edward scissor hands, do structures that produce gasps and breath excretions. I'd be far from a personal jesus as marilyn manson. But like his used to be, dita von tesse and be a pin up playboy. It's a this is england effect. Me, similar to combo and do hitler, hail it and kill races for fun and be seen as the next antichrist. Let's not forget bush and given enemies diabolical weapons to annihilate what I don't care for. Let's make 2012 happen faster. Create concoxions to spray airborn and paralyze eyes to delete a 5 sense thats seen as the most needed. Here I'd make a cd cover and do a pose like breaking benjamin. Have a shaved head with a similarity to a nazi sign with my hands crossing on the back. What's the cliche, oh fading to black and white, like a phantom gliding through walls with harry potter and his cloke he uses to disappear. But what about school, what about high school little long middle school? Let's talk about the kids who sit by themselves not by choice. Where make up gets you tested for the next pair of shoes and outfit your gonna wear. The hair and nails, cosmetics that come for a price and cost. What's the catch of being ignited into a clique of which the leader isn't you? Thats a question for only a mastermind to answer. Ha but even sherlock holmes may wanna skip two feet across hearing something like this so close to home. To think that something like mean girls with lohan couldn't be to exact of how the world really is. There is no nursery rhyme here for you to try to connect. I wanted you to relate to what you think you're the only one capable of knowing. I'd have to say **** you like ceelo green and never be jumpy to say tonight I'm loving you like so called wanna be ricky martin enrique. I'd just be like kelis with benny benassi, just sit there on top of the world and watch stars go by like cows over the moon. You know what, better yet I'd be like channing and maybe glide into the sky since it's really such a clear day outside. That'd be better than watching donnie darko and trying to understand why a 6ft size rabbit is telling me about how may days I've got to live. But my time is coming to a close as I'd have to ask is this world still hating like sum 41. Honestly maybe mana sama should restate the famous infamous quote L.I.N.E.


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