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The truth about society, and how everything changed.

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In grade school we were taught to be who we were, to tell the truth and be happy. As we sat in a circle smiling and shouting what we would be when we grew up, princess, astronaut, president; we didnt know those dreams were way out of reach. Most of us would grow up to work 70 hours a week, only to make minimum wage. The teachers led us all on to believe life would be perfect. In highschool things changed, suddenly everyone was drinking coffee, driving and worrying about college. What happened to the girls that wanted to rule a kingdom, or the boys that wanted to walk on the moon? Suddenly the girls couldnt fit their pregnant bellies into the ball gowns or their swollen feet into the glass slippers. The boys couldnt walk on the moon with a toddler latched on to their leg, and some wanted to be the princess. Everything changed, and no one admitted how bad it felt to go from princess, astronaut and president, to being a teen parent, a college obsessed-straight A student, or a failure. I dont think any of us expected to turn out this way. No one planned on carving their skin up like the thanksgiving turkey they refused to eat. No one told us we would be wearing fake smiles, and laughing as if everything was okay. We did not get warnings of what life had in store for us. We assumed we would be princesses, we assumed walking on the moon was an easy accomplishment, we were told we could be the president. And though we grew up, some of us were still stuck in our child like states. Some grew up fast, like the little girl with bruises on her thighs or the boy who had no parents. Telling us we could accomplish anything gave us the mind set that everything would work out. But what we didnt know was that we had to work, we had to push through all of the shit life would pile on top of us and we had to do it with little to no help at all. And the saddest part is that some of us couldnt do it, some of us couldnt see the light at the end of the tunnel. They beat god to the punch with razors, ropes and pills. Some yelled out to him as they looked down at the ground from 12 stories up. Most left notes with a list of what they thought were failures, some didnt leave a note at all. And after, the rest of us were told it was a sin and that god would punish us if we took 'the easy way out'. Expectations of conformity, good grades, taking what life threw at us and making something out of it, were too much for us to handle. Girls were suppose to be skinny, so they starved themselves. Boys were suppose to be boys, but they knew they were born with the wrong parts. Society pressured girls to be skeletons and boys to be men. Society persuaded 8 yearolds to stave to death, and 14 yearolds to scream silently into the pillow that wore their tears. Still, for some reason, we tell children to be themselves and society will love you regardless. I have yet to see all races treated equally. I have yet to see gays, bisexuals, lesbians, transgenders and everything in between treated equally. I have yet to see society accepting anyone in their entirety. We thought the only lies we told our children were about the tooth fairy, santa and the easter bunny. In reality, we lied more than we meant to.


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