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the best emotional saga: Booksie nominees!!

By: sonia

Page 1, vote for \'the best emotional saga\' a booksie nomination of work, booksie members can vote for their work, and then each peice will be classified from 1st place to tenth...would you like to take part?

i would like you, to nominate yours (or other booksie users) most touching, most emotional, most heart wrenching peice of poetry/short story, then, i will select 10 of these, then i would like everyone to vote for the best one.

nominations must be in by the 16th august

selected nominees will be listed on the 18th august

then you can vote until the 26th august

the writer of the work that gets 1st place, the winner of 'the best emotional saga', i will become their fan, and regularely check their work and leave comments.

the writer of the work that gets 10th place, has to become my fan, and review and comment all of my work

fancy the nomination? do you have what it takes to own the title 'the best emotional saga'

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