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Days: A Poetry Novel

By: peoplehateme101

Chapter 3,

Part Three



Day 21

The fire burned silently throughout the page

But not once

Did it burn the paper


Day 22

The words themselves

Do not mean

What the writer is saying


Day 23

Our dreams can be anything we want them to be

The only problem?

They never are


Day 24

We knelt

And breathed

But everything else

Stayed still


Day 25

As the sun rose

Our hearts fell

With the Moon


Day 26

As the Moon

Blackens the sun

Our hopes and dreams

Go with it


Day 27

Only the world

Is as cruel

As the things

It holds


Day 28


The downfall

Of the world


Day 29

We are bound

By the dreams we dream

Bound to always


Pin after something

Something we know we can’t have


Day 30

I watch them leave

But can never follow

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