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Days: A Poetry Novel

By: peoplehateme101

Chapter 6,

Part Six



Day 51

Their breath stopped


For us to stand

Day 52

Their voices carried

No one heard.


Day 53

It’s hard to stay standing

When their stares

Weigh more than their reason for staring


Day 54

If each word meant something

The world would be a lot more meaningful


Day 55

Each hit they took

Each was harder than the previous

Each one hurt more


Day 56

You know,

The sun is actually very hot

You shouldn’t chase it

It’s bad for your health


Day 57

As we rose

They all fell

Farther down

Past the ground

Past reality


Day 58

My words are strong

My meaning has reason

My world is perfect

For someone else


Day 59

I stay in a home

I wonder the world

I live in the air


Day 60

I watch the clouds go by

Not once

Did I see the sky

From the nothings my mother told me

It’s raining lies


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