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Step Inside: The Complete Poetry Collection

Novel By: Sexy Scarlett

Step Inside my head and my heart. Experience the world through my eyes if only for a few minutes. Walk with me through this crazy thing we call life and maybe you can relate to at least one of my diverse topics. Comments are greatly appreciated. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 14, 2012    Reads: 15    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

If Life Were a Romantic Comedy

If life were a romantic comedy
I would've despised you
Driven you away over and over again
Before finally realizing
Seemingly too late
That I had fallen madly in love with you

If life were a romantic comedy
We would've met under unusual circumstances
One or both of us would have recently lost a job
Or been cheated on… or both
This encounter would've been in New York City
Somewhere we'd be unlikely to meet again

If life were a romantic comedy
Our best friends would be extremely witty
And single, looking to live vicariously through us
Both would also be borderline alcoholics
That helps with those witty comments
They'd meet eventually and be a perfect match

If life were a romantic comedy
There would be another man
He'd be more successful than you
Probably more attractive too
And don't forget, the fancy lake house
Somehow I'd chose you though

But life isn't a romantic comedy
There was no despising, no games
We met on a basketball court… in Ohio
Our friends are more than just a punch line
And there never has been, never will be another man
Sounds like a fairytale to me


No amount of strength or will can break its stance.
Tick - tock, Tick - tock, Tick - tock.
Sand slips, seconds pass.
What was full, emptying now.
You can't put any back. Irretrievable, lost.
Turned to memories, moments that steal your breath.
All of it lives on forever at the bottom of an hourglass.

Take Me Back

Take me back to a time,
When Mmmbop and Zig-a-zig-ahh meant something.
When teen pregnancy didn't make someone a star.
When the "M" in MTV meant music.
When MASH predicted your future: husband, house, and car.

Take me back to a time,
When school busses could change shape and learning was cool.
When we didn't cover ourselves in piercings; they stuck on.
When thirty was old.
When we didn't need money or alcohol to have fun.

Take me back to a time,
When the plot of Avatar was a film called Fern Gully.
When boys had cooties.
When Pluto was a planet.
When we had to rewind our movies.

Take me back to a time,
When we could all survive without a cell and a laptop.
When we had to answer the phone without knowing who it was first.
When "Goosebumps" was scary.
When vampires didn't sparkle and werewolves wore shirts.

Call Me

Call me Scarlett,
The greatest female lead.
Smart yet overthinking,
Willful but naïve.

I've already found my Rhett,
To adore and challenge me.
Dashing and gentle,
But I'd like a little Grey.

Or call me Erynn,
Not my given name though.
Like Riddle, an anagram.
Mysterious as King or Poe.

My head is always full:
Superheroes, Travelers, flumes.
But always a hopeless romantic,
Reading until the next idea blooms.

Thunderstorm on New Year's Day

Three A.M.
Wide Awake
New Year's Day

Abnormal warmth
This time of year
Polluted skies
Something to fear?

Death tolls grow

End of times
Maybe so
Is this all?
No one knows


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