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Step Inside: The Complete Poetry Collection

Novel By: Sexy Scarlett

Step Inside my head and my heart. Experience the world through my eyes if only for a few minutes. Walk with me through this crazy thing we call life and maybe you can relate to at least one of my diverse topics. Comments are greatly appreciated. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 14, 2012    Reads: 16    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   



i want to give you something

to do with what you wish

i think it's already yours

but you don't know it yet

hold it gently

for if you drop it, it'll shatter

i fear it's already been cracked

one time too many

i can't

she says

for propriety would have me give you mine in return

but it's in no shape to relocate

i've mended my own

on countless occasions

don't you see?

it no longer belongs to me though

she clutches her chest

at the sight of the imperfect gift

red droplets paint the tile below

oozing from inadequate repairs

he reaches hesitantly

closing the distance between them

to gently peel back the layers

that so valiantly guard her heart

she watches in awe

as her memories fall to the floor

floating like innocent feathers

though they are heavy with pain

take mine

please i beg you

even if only for a moment

before you throw it away

she cradles it in both hands

as if jostling it in the slightest

could cause it to burst

it is her's now

bandaids are not enough

my dear, my love

but i'll close the gashes

i'll sew up each one

he removes the soiled bandages

opening the wounds ignored for so long

and never completely healed

stitching them with sinews of his own

gently he lifts it from her gaping cavity

to slowly transfer it to his

their bloodied hands unite

as they fill her empty fissure together

his heart beats happily inside her

and her's in him

they patch each other up

with promises and dreams

the water in a white porcelain tub

sparkling clear to swirled scarlet

as two bodies, now one

rids itself of the gore of the past

Love me

Only me



My heart

Eternally yours

Do you notice

My quickening breath

At your lightest touch?

Do you detect

The growing dampness

On my palms?

Are you aware of

The recurring reactions

You cause in me?

I thought so.

Cupid's been cut loose on campus

or maybe it's just the spring

arrows sticking out of every chest

couples kissing in the street

Your eyes are always smiling

Even with a crinkled brow

Or an upturned mouth

The luster is never lost

Your eyes are always smiling

When you look at me

Your lips are always speaking

Even without movement

Or any sound at all

The message is never mistaken

Your lips are always speaking

When you're near me

The smile you cause

However big or small

Absent, you don't see

Not realizing at all

Know I'm always thinking of you

Somewhere I'm missing you

I want to tell you

All the reasons I love you

But haikus are short

Long Distance Love

Too far

To love you properly

Too close

For me to quit

To lose you


To continue

Makes me sick

The distance

Shouldn't matter

Wouldn't matter

If I were strong

But two weeks apart

Two days apart

Two hours without you

Still too long


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