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365: Poetry, Day by Day

Novel By: shadowblade258

Tags: Poetry, Daily, Life

This is a novel of poetry that will chronicle an entire year. Everyday is a new chapter, and within those chapters lie poems. Depending on the day i may write upwards of 3-5 poems. Other days it may be only one. I will differentiate between types of poetry. That way it won't always be the same old thing. View table of contents...


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All day, i was the only one who had frowned

With my fellow classmates all around

Sitting there

Comfortable in my chair

I thought the time was quite fair

The teacher was giving a modest lecture

Then, he called me up to give my own conjecture

I suppose the time really is right

It seems my salvation is very much in sight

Since Professor Brown picked me

Laughter from the other students is all you could see

As i get up from my seat

I'm determined that peer pressure, i will surely beat

The closer i got to the front

Their chuckles became more obvious and blunt

I don't even have to think

On me, i know they pulled a prank

They do every single day

And i can't get away from it in any way

I reach the board and podium, and turn

Today, all these people, a lesson they will surely learn

Their eyes are fixed soley on me

And all of them i can see

I see all the bullies who are my daily dose of torment

But to the office, to this day, they were never sent

I see my 'ex-girlfriend'

To everybody but me, her forbidden fruit she would lend

About me she never even cared

To go out with me, money she was dared

I see the teacher that loves me

But a help or savior, he would never be

I see those people that destroyed my dorm

Rolled through it like a tornado storm

Now, i turned my back to them

And wrote the correct answer on the board

But me, they still condemn

With such hysterical laughs they roared

I then felt something on my back

And pulled it off

An insult on a piece of paper, with it, me they attack

With great anger i scoff

Hold the paper up high

Rip it, and let it fly

For sympathy, and getting the right answer

The teacher came up and patted me on the shoulder

His pity for me, felt like a disease or a cancer

And a humans' touch had never felt colder

All the while, the classroom still devilishly smiles

And soon my hatred and anger too largely piles

All day, i hid my pistol, tucked away in the back of my pants

Now i knew it was the right time to make a stance

And so i pulled it out

"SHUT UP" i shout

I then told Professor Brown

"Please go sit down"

Then, i pointed the gun at the class

But i couldn't bring my self to shoot, alas

Still pointing, quickly, i took off my jacket and my shirt

To show them my pain, and how much it hurt

Then my pants, and my underwear

For all of my scratches and scars, i wanted to share

I scream, "Now this is what you did to me!!"

"Don't you see?!!"

I tried to kill myself everynight

So that maybe, i would go into the light

" I just want you to know this is all your faults!!!"

"And of doing this, i will not halt!!"

I had been planning this for weeks

Yet tears still run down my cheeks

As i put the gun to my own head

And pulled the trigger, to make sure i was most certainly dead

Good vision i did not lack

Before it all went black

I saw my own blood pour

It landed on some of the students, and they all began to panic more and more

It came true, my final wish

For revenge to be served hot, on a very large dish

That look i had everyday, on their face was that expression

Once they realized, from me, they no longer get any affection

In their now guilt-ridden, pathetic, miserable lives

They will not thrive

But i, i could see the light

I no longer needed to have a fear or a fright

And i no longer needed to hide

This is why i wanted a public display of my suicide


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