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Chapter 1, This is just a simple compilation of my poetry. I admit I mightn\'t be the best but I thought I\'d share my work with you because let\'s be honest. There\'s no point in leaving it hidden away in a random file on my laptop! ^_^

Just when I thought,

Thought I’d had it all worked out,

I didn’t…

These concepts, emotions,

Everything just came into play,

From nowhere…

It’s new, it’s exciting but at the same time,

It’s different, unusual,

Slightly frightening…

Things I’d ruled out from truth long ago,

They started working their way back,

Into consideration…

I don’t know how it happened,

I don’t know when it happened,

It just did…

These ways of life, they’re different,

They’re new, but I don’t know what to believe,

If anything…

It’s now I decide what to believe,

What to take on as my own concept,

My rituals…

It is now I’ve chosen to be,

Be what my calling has echoed,

To be me…

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