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i am sorry i hurt you

By: 414750kiwi

Page 1, when i lost the one i truly loved


when i first saw you i knew i wanted to be with you 

but i know that would not happen anytime soon

we became good friends and then

became distant because i was going to be leaving 

it felt like i had left something behind when i left

i had forgotten about you for awhile 


and then i made new friends and got into a relationship

after all that nonsense i remembered you 

silly how i could be blinded by what i thought was love 

but turned into an enormous lie 

i was eager for school to end so i come come back to you 

when that day finally came i was a nervous wreck 


i will never forget how perfect that day was

when i came back, i wanted to stay with you forever

our relationship was the most happiest i had ever had

then everything came crashing down, 

when i said something you’d never forgive me for


i had given into hating you

but later down the road i knew i had no reason to hate you 

i was the one who did this i was the one who made my self miserable 

i had no one but myself to hate, 

i hurt myself thinking i could make it better 

the pain was gone but just for a few moments

i even thought of suicide, just to make the hurt go away 


now we are friends again i think of you every second of the day 

i know this because i cant focus on anything, just you 

everything is ok you could say....

i still want to be with you but i don’t think you want that anymore

i just wish i could go back and stop myself from hurting you 

but right now it seems you are happy with her

i think it maybe time for me to move on 


i will never forget how happy you made me

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