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you plus me = ?

By: 414750kiwi

Page 1, you are my life


i miss you but you are making me

feel like you don’t want me

so what is the point of you

and me even being friends

i don’t just want to 

wait around on you

you're taking to long on “thinking”

i am starting to doubt you

i don’t want to think about you but

some how my mind keeps drifting back to you

i don’t want to see you but i need you

i don”t know you but

some how you know me

i think you know me better

then i know myself

its like you can just read my mind

but with you i just can’t figure you out

i love you more anybody

else in the entire universe

with out you is like i can’t breath ,literally

i can’t breath with out you

my heart beat raises when

i am around you

even when i am thinking about you

i get so impatient that

i can’t do anything to keep myself busy

i can’t be in a world where you aren’t in it

you are my whole life

i love and miss you

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