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A Life Chosen

By: A Stranger

Page 1, Hell is a funny thing. It can be everywhere and nowhere. Welcome to one of my stops in it. This is to all people who chose a life in the emergency services field.

Eyes close

and what was today

erased in one fell swoop

a thoughtless action

done without will

or want, or care

a movie, black and white

a classic brought

to a forefront

twin screens

ever so slightly out of synch

one, fast forward

the other reverse

events shown as

flashing pauses in time

cranial stress


another thoughtless gesture

as hand is brought

to brow

epidermis crinkles

as it is caressed

exhaling frustration

pained, empty

last act of a long day

donning headdress

composing sincerity

with the never ending

self debate

of a life chosen

"God, some days I hate this"

the uniformed messenger

announces his presence

sour mash in stomach

white innocent snow

litters the blue of the uniform

here standing

to serve and protect

only this time

serving the wishes

of a dead parent

as the door opens

and distraught horror

greets him

he hears

"Yes a life chosen"


"Hello Ma'am. I'm Constable..., could you please sit down?"

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