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Emotional Twins

By: A Stranger

Page 1, Same coin. Different face.

Action causing crimson to glow

Pent up fury, increasing the temperature

A form glowing red-hot

Wanting to lash out

Abrupt movement, bordering violence

Sending caution, the only recourse

Barely refraining, yet already regaining control

The body cools, the emotion spent

Actions that could have been regretted

Are now forgotten

This is one type

Dangerous, but quick to fizzle out

The second is harmful beyond deadly

Cold as a void

Festering like a cancer

Hidden away in some recess

Plotting, hungry for vengeance

Yearnings, walking an edge

Ever dripping blood

It is beyond control.

All consuming

Born as patience, maturing into cunning

Ending in violence

A flame ever burning, clear as crystal

Colder than hate

The two are same yet different

Each a sibling of frustration

Determined by circumstance

They are called " Anger"

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